🔥 Custom tempered glass China manufacturer factory,Supply toughened and safety glass


A tempered glass manufacturer in China,our factory custom tempered glass panel and supply to world market.Our toughened safety glass is fabricated by heat-treated,strong and durable. Tempered glass is widely used for construction,switch panels, lights and lamps,illuminators,and home appliances,etc. We can cut various shapes, customize dimensions,smoothing edges,drilling holes,silkscreen printing and other requirements are all available.If you are looking for a professional China tempered glass manufacturer factory,we are your best partner.


  • Our tempered glass can resist high temperature changes, thermal shock, or breakage.Compared with other manufacturers` glass,we make it stronger, safer, and more durable.
  • We can fabricate glass thickness:3mm, 4mm ,5mm, 6mm, 8mm,10mm, 12mm,16mm,19mm,etc.
  • We mainly produce flat glass panel with various dimension.
  • The tempered glass products will be well packed.We promise that all your glass will arrive at your home in perfect condition.
  • Place of Origin: China. Sell to worldwide, Ship by air plane or by sea boat;

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Custom Tempered glass China manufacturer factory,Supply toughened and safety glass

Tempered glass,also names Toughened Glass,is safety glass that is strengthened by heating and cooling to prevent shattering,it is widely used in various applications such as electronics, cars, windows, and doors

We are a China factory to customize and fabricate tempered glass / toughened glass panels,which are designed to provide durability and safety for a wide range of applications, from residential to commercial projects,they are compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more. We use high-quality tempered glass that has undergone a heating and cooling process to make it up to five times stronger than regular glass. Our tempered glass panels are available in various sizes, thicknesses, and colors to suit your specific needs. They are resistant to scratches, impact, and heat, ensuring longevity and superior performance.Easy to install and require minimal maintenance, making them an ideal choice for modern homes and buildings that require sleek and contemporary design elements.

We can customize tempered glass/toughened panels,various shapes,any sizes,for example,as following fields:

Custom Tempered Glass for lights and lamps

Custom Tempered Glass for lights and lamps by China manufacturer

Protect your lights and lamps while enhancing their appearance and safety with our custom tempered glass. Our durable glass is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and impact, ensuring maximum safety for your space. We can customize a variety of sizes and shapes to fit your specific lighting needs. Our tempered glass also provides a sleek and modern look to any fixture, making it a great addition to any home or commercial setting.

Just send us your drawing,we can customize tempered glass panels to meet your demands.

Custom Tempered Glass for switch panles

Customize and subbly Tempered Glass for switch panles by China factory

Keep your switch panels protected and looking sleek with our custom tempered glass. Our glass is cut to fit your specific panel dimensions and can be personalized with your choice of design or logo. The tempered glass is safe,scratch-resistant and easy to clean, making it perfect for home,commerical building,boats, RVs, and other vehicles. Choose us to be your part-supplied partner to supply custom tempered glass.

Custom Tempered Glass panels for home appliances

Custom and fabricate Tempered Glass or Toughened glass for home appliances

Tempered Glass panels for home appliances are designed to protect and enhance the appearance of appliances in your home. These high-quality glass panels are custom-made to fit on a variety of appliances, including refrigerators, ovens, and more. The tempered glass construction provides durability, heat resistance, and easy maintenance. You can choose from a range of colors and designs to match your home décor. These glass panels not only provide protection but also add a touch of elegance to your appliances.

We cooperated with Simens,Midea and other man y small appliance factory to supply various tempered glass panels.Just send us your requirements to us by email,and believe we`ll be your best supplier!

Custom Tempered Glass for sanitary bathroom

Customize bathroom and sanitary Tempered Glass panles

Custom Tempered/toughned Glass panels for building

Custom Tempered toughned Glass panels for building

The tempered glass panels are designed to enhance the aesthetics,hygiene and safety of your bathroom. Customizable size and shape, the glass panels provide a seamless, easy-to-clean surface for your bathroom. The tempered glass is durable and resistant to scratches and impacts, making it perfect for high-traffic bathrooms.

Send us your size required,we can be your best partner to supply tempered glass panels for bathroom.

Our Tools and facilities to Custom Tempered Glass,Fabricate Toughened Glass,Safety Glass

As a main tempered glass China manufacturer factory,our company owned the professional glass factory which is equipped with imported and domestic advanced machines, including two fully automatic control cutting producing lines & CNC glass  processing center, four fully automatic control flat tempe ring furnaces which can process thickness 3mm to 19mm glass, ultrahigh-pressure numerical control all-purpose water cutting machines, Carved CNC machines,Fully automatic sand-blasting machines, and series of deep processing equipments for glass, such as various of linear edge grinding machine, special shape edge grinding machine, bilateral edge grinding machine, and own non dust silkscreen workshop,and so on.Mainly machines are as following:

  • Glass Cutting Machine:

Glass Automatic Cutting Machine

This tool is used to cut the glass sheets into desired shapes and sizes before the tempering process.

  • Water Jet Cutter for Glass Cutting With High Precision:

Water Jet Cutter For glass cutting

It is a powerful tool used for precise and accurate cutting of various materials, including glass. It utilizes a high-pressure stream of water mixed with abrasive particles to erode and cut through the glass.

  • Glass Edging/Bevelling Machines:

Glass Edging and Bevelling Machines

Glass edging and bevelling machines can be used to further shape, smooth, and add decorative finishes to the tempered glass edges.

  • Glass Heating Furnace& Cooling System :

Glass Heating Furnace & Cooling System

Glass Heating Furnace:The glass heating furnace is responsible for heating the glass sheets to a high temperature in preparation for the tempering process. It ensures uniform heating of the glass to achieve the desired strength and durability.

Cooling System: After heating, the glass needs to be rapidly cooled down in a controlled manner. Usually,air blasts or quenching with jets of cold air or liquid, to create surface compression and induce the necessary internal stress for tempered glass.

  • Glass Silkscreen tools:

Glass Silkscreen tools

It is used to apply designs, patterns, logos, or text onto glass surfaces using a technique called silkscreen printing. This method involves creating a stencil of the desired design and then transferring ink onto the glass through the stencil.

  • CNC Glass Carving Machine

CNC Glass carving Machine

Glass carved CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine is a specialized tool used for precisely carving intricate designs, patterns, or textures onto glass surfaces. This automated machine utilizes computer-controlled movements and cutting tools to create detailed and precise carvings.

Packages and Warehouse for Tempered Glass/Fabricate Toughened Glass/Safety Glass:

Considering for long transporation to abroad,as tempered glass China manufacturer,our package for tempered glass panel is designed to securely transport and store glass panels without any damage or scratches. This package includes protective foam inserts and a sturdy cardboard box that can accommodate different sizes of tempered glass panels,and the packed them in the wooden box with euro-pallet foot. The foam inserts are shaped to snugly fit the glass panel and prevent any movement or vibration during transportation. This package is a good way to transport or store glass panels safely,it can reduce vibration to minimum, that`s why we can promise that all your glass will arrive at your home in perfect condition..

package of tempered glass

warehouse and pacckage for toughened glass panels

How to order “Custom Tempered Glass,Fabricate Toughened Glass,Safety Glass”?

  • We are tempered glass China manufacturer factory,we accept customized size and shape.Please give us your drawing.
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or two,please consider freight(by air or by sea) into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Please contact us online (click here) Or send inquiry message to our email:

General knowledge for “Tempered Glass / Toughened Glass Panels / Safety Glass”

For centuries, glass has been used in building and auto construction, but only recently has technology developed a type of glass strong enough to stand up to the wear and tear of everyday living. Tempered glass, also referred to as toughened glass, is a type of safety glass specially designed to be stronger and more durable than standard glass.

Tempered glass is made through a process that involves heating and cooling regular glass in order to strengthen it,also called toughened glass or safety glass. Tempered glass is four to five times stronger than standard plate glass, and it shatters into tiny pieces if it is broken. This function is beneficial in a building safety context, as it reduces the chance of a deep cut or laceration by making it difficult for a person to be injured by large shards of broken glass.

The strength of tempered glass also makes it well suited for automotive applications. Tempered glass is commonly used in vehicle side windows and windshields because it is able to more effectively withstand the impacts of road debris. Additionally, tempered glass provides an extra layer of insulation from the elements, especially in wintertime.

Tempered glass can also be used in architectural applications, as it is less prone to breakage than plate glass. For instance, tempered glass can be used for shower enclosures, balustrades, pool areas, partitions and sunroofs. When used in an architectural context, tempered glass often improves the aesthetic value of a building, as it is available in a wide range of styles, colors and finishes.

Recently,Tempered glass/toughened are widely used on home appliance,including lights and lamps,ovens,solar PV panels,and so on.Because of excellent performance of safety,nowdays,most of all home appliances which has glass panel are 99% adopted by tempered glass panel.

For those looking for a strong, durable and attractive glass solution, tempered glass is an excellent choice. Not only does it offer superior safety benefits, but it also has the strength and durability to last for years to come. For anyone wanting to improve the safety, insulation and appearance of their home or vehicle, tempered glass is the ideal choice.

If you are looking for China manufacturer factory of “Custom Tempered Glass,Fabricate Toughened Glass Panels”,just email to us,we are going to be your best partner!

Custom tempered glass China manufacturer factory,Supply toughened and safety glass
🔥 Custom tempered glass China manufacturer factory,Supply toughened and safety glass 1

A tempered glass manufacturer in China,our factory custom tempered glass and supply to world market.Our toughened safety glass is fabricated by heat-treated,strong and durable. Tempered glass is widely used for construction,switch panels, lights and lamps,illuminators,home appliances,etc. We can cut various shapes, customize dimensions.Smoothing edges,drilling holes,silkscreening and other requirements are all available.If you are looking for a professional China tempered glass manufacturer factory,we are your best partner.Please send enquiry message to start cooperation together.

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    Did you produce tempered glass panel for architecture building?We are looking for building tempered glass panles in China.If you can supply it,please contact me.

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      I`m sorry but we don`t supply big tempered glass panles for building.We mainly focus on the field of home appliance,lighting,sanitary,lab and water meter.

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    If you are China tempered glass manufacturing factory,please contact me.We need tempered glass in large quantity for a city outdoor lighting illumination project. We need you ship the glass to Shanghai where we have a light company.Thank you.

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      Hello,our glass factory team will contact you for more negotiation via your private email.Thank you.

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    As a buyer for a lighting company in the UK, can you provide me with more information on the manufacturing process of custom tempered glass and how it affects the final product? Also, what are the benefits of using tempered glass for our lighting products compared to other types of glass or materials?

  • John T.

    The customization options were great! I was able to add my company’s logo to the tempered glass protectors we ordered as promotional gifts. Our clients loved them!

  • Nanopoulos

    Are the edges of your tempered glass pieces polished and beveled?and can we do black silkscreening on one side?

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      Yes,of course,if you need, we can do glass edge polished and beveled.Any more question,or do you have more requirements,don`t hesitate to let us know.Thank you.

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    Could you give me more information about the process for ordering your tempered glass?And do you have min. order requirement?

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      Answer was sent to your private email just now.We are prefessional in the field of tempered and toughened glass.Happy to serve you! Thank you.

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    Who can I contact? and could you supply safety glass panel for architecture?

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      please contact by email to: sale@smartclima or, our team will serve you.

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    I owned a building company and we are going to use tempered glass in large quantity,please come back to me.

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    We are a lighting company based in Italy and we are interested in learning more about the custom tempered glass you offer. We are looking to source custom glass panels for our light fixtures and would like to discuss pricing and availability of your products.Looking forward to your response and are available to discuss this further.

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      It`s our honor to have chance to serve you.Our team already sent you an email,let`s discuss details.Thank you!

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