Custom Metal cabinet,enclosure,chassis,box


Custom Metal cabinet,enclosure,chassis,box

Sourcing the right cabinet/enclosure to fit special items? We are your best choice.

Custom Metal cabinet,enclosure,chassis,box in China for Equipments,Electronic,Lighting,Monitor,Network,Security, Ventilation,etc.

The material of Sheet metal can be Carbon Sheet Metal,Stainless Steel Sheet,Aluminium Sheet,Copper Sheet,etc.

Based on the following technology and procedures,Sheet Metal Fabrication is the building of metal structures by stamping,cutting, bending,deforming and assembling processes:

  • Punching or Stamping.Punch hole on the metal material.It is a metal forming process with punch machine.MetalHelper has more than 20sets punch machine with different strength.At present,MetalHepler has been equiped with CNC punch machine.
  • Cutting or shearing.Cutting metal materials with technology shearing or sawing.At present,MetalHelper is equiped with CNC laser cutter,which can provide you products with more accurance.
  • Bending.Bending is to process Sheet Metal Stamping to be bent.It can processed by punch,by Hydraulic machines,or by CNC bending maching.Metalhelper are equiped by all above machines
  • Drawing.It is a metalworking process which uses tensile forces to stretch Sheet Metal Stamping. MetalHelper has different machine to do sheet metal drawing or do drawing or wire, bar, and tube.
  • Hydraulics Deforming.Hydraulics is more better to deforming a metal product,because it put strength on the metal sheet with slow but big strength.MetalHelper has more than 10sets hydraulic machinese,can help you to process different metal products.
  • Welding.Welding is widly used in the field of Sheet Metal Stamping fabrication.MetalHelper has different welding machine,they are Co2 protected welding,Pot Welding,Line Welding.Especially,from 2009,MetalHelper was equiped with automatic welding robot.Its welding quality is more better,more quick.
  • Assembling.Usually,we help our customer to assmble many different components to be a complete product.Now,we owned two assembling line to help you process assemble task.

We have a full service customing cabinet factory, professional in manufacturing Metal cabinet,enclosure,chassis,box for your project in worldwide. We serve in many industries, from light industry to heavy industry,where need to fit the device into a special space. Our customers range from automotive supply, consignment supply, secure with integrated locking mechanisms, pharmaceutical cabinets, printer stand cabinets, and other heavy duty fabricated metal cabinets. Our products are made to order from a variety of metal gauges with full-welded construction. A wide variety of standard security features can be incorporated into the design, such as slide bars and continuous hinges.

With our metal fabrication experience and capabilities to process metal cabinets ranging from precision punching and bending to robotic welding and intricate metal perforating, can provide you with quality, finished products, on budget and on time. We have in-house services that move your project along and ensure quality at each stage—engineering support, component assembly, finishing and labeling, as well as storage and fulfillment.

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 General Knowledge on “Metal cabinet,enclosure,chassis,box”

Sheet metal enclosure (thickness is usually 6mm or less) is processed by the integrated cold working process, after cooling to form the desired enclosure. Its notable feature is consistent with the same part thickness.
Produced using the sheet metal chassis, the chassis can meet the requirements of the various functions and appearance, but also makes the stamping die manufacturing and low cost.

Sheet metal with a light weight, high strength, electrical conductivity (can be used for electromagnetic shielding), low cost, good performance characteristics such as mass production, is currently in the field of electronics, communications, automotive, medical equipment, has been widely used. For example, in the computer chassis, mobile phone, MP3, the sheet metal is an essential component. Common sheet metal chassis: power cabinets, network cabinets, server cabinets, outdoor cabinets, etc.,Main types of precision sheet metal processing and production of products, including sheet metal chassis, cabinets, aluminum system chassis. These are made of sheet metal material.

By basic sheet metal processing methods, as expected, bending, stretching, forming, welding. This specification describes each of the processing methods to be noted that the process requirements.
Cutting: Depending on the processing methods can be divided into Cape punch, punch a few, is expected to open shears, laser cutting, cutting wind, due to the different processing methods, cutting the process is also different. Sheet metal cutting and punching several main methods of laser cutting.
Bending: When the material is bent on its rounded area, stretching the outer received, inner layer is compressed. When a certain thickness of the material, the smaller the r, the tensile and compressive more serious; when the tensile stress exceeds the ultimate strength of the outer fillet the material, it will crack and break, thus, curved parts of the structure design, to avoid too small bending radius.
Stretching: radius stretching pieces between the bottom and the straight wall thickness should be greater than that r1≥t. In order to make stretching more smoothly, and generally r1 = (3 ~ 5) t, the maximum radius should be less than or equal to the thickness of 8 times, that r1≤8t. Stretching pieces around because of the stress vary in size, and the material thickness will change after stretching. In general, the center of the bottom to keep the original thickness of the bottom fillet material thinning, thickening near the top flange of the material, rectangle stretching pieces material thicken around the fillet.
Forming: beading on the sheet metal parts, helping to increase structural rigidity, blinds typically used to play a role in a variety of ventilation hood or chassis, the molding method is to use the punch to the side of the blade material cut while the remainder of the punch material while for the tensile deformation, to form an undulating shape with one side opened.
Welding: welding methods include arc welding, electroslag welding, gas welding, plasma arc welding, fusion welding, pressure welding, brazing, welding sheet metal products primarily for arc welding, gas welding.
Arc welding with a flexible, mobile, wide applicability, can be all-position welding; the use of simple equipment, durability, and low maintenance costs. But labor-intensive, quality is not stable enough, depending on the operator level. Non-alloy welding flame temperature and nature of the applicable welding than 3mm carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel and copper, aluminum, etc. can be adjusted to the specific heat of welding heat affected zone width, the heat is better concentrated arc, low productivity, used in thin-walled welded structures and small pieces can be welded steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper and its alloys, carbide.

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    Did you custom steel cabinet/enclosure for data network?We are a Japanese company to distributor network cabinets in whole country.Want to look for a supplier who can supply us the metal enclosures,empty patch panel,metal 19″ support.All parts are black with powder painting. Wait for your reply.


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