Custom Metal bracket,support,mount,shelf

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 Custom Metal bracket,support,mount,shelf

Custom Metal bracket,support,mount,shelf,rack for Equipments,Electronic,Lighting,Monitor,Network,Security,Ventilation,etc.

Bracket,also named support,mount,shelf, is a widely supportive role in the architecture.Brackets could mount a plenty of architectural products, including a wall, balcony, parapets, eaves, the spring of an arch, beams, pergola roof, window box, or a shelf.In adjustable shelving systems, the bracket can be seperated into 2 parts, a horizontal arm to bear load weigh and  a vertical wall-mounted arm.Brackets are extremely existing in our life, normally used in electrical appliance installation, building, industrial manufacturing, agriculture, transport, furniture and equipment.Bracket includes hydraulic support, solar bracket, notebook stand, TV stand, air conditioning brackets, pipe supports, greenhouse frame, timber bracket,transmission and distribution of stents, stents, and other cables.

They are usually made from carbon steel plate or tube,and paint with powder coating.Sometimes,also made from stainless steel,in order to get good performance to be anti-rust.

We can custom many types of sheet metal bracket,support,mount,shelves for multi applications. Fabricated metal provides a strong medium that offers superior protection and allows. A variety of options are available for bracket,support,mount,shelf such as doors, drawers, perforated panels, locks, hinges, handles, and much more, which can be made to fit your requirements.

Material Sheet metal can be Carbon Sheet Metal,Stainless Steel Sheet,Aluminium Sheet,Copper Sheet,etc.

With our metal fabrication experience and capabilities to process metal brackets ranging from precision punching and bending to robotic welding and intricate metal perforating, can provide you with quality, finished products, on budget and on time. We have in-house services that move your project along and ensure quality at each stage—engineering support, component assembly, finishing and labeling, as well as storage and fulfillment.

many metal brackets

workshop to fabricate metal bracket

sheet metal automatic cutting

hydraulic forming equipment

CNC punching stamping

Metal sheet CNC bending

metal parts welding

metal product quality control

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  • Martin Droz

    Hello,EXCEL has been selling to contractors across the USA for 30 years.I am looking for a Stainless Steel bracket similar to what you make for air conditioners.The back piece with slide would be about 11″ long.The folding legs would be 12″ with mounting holes for a SS U bolts.How much weight could the above bracket carry?What would be required for you to do a custom bracket for me?

  • Gabriela Khouri

    Dear Smartclima,good morning,we need some metal brackets!I already submitted product drawings online.Can you please send me your best quote for these zinc plated brackets?
    Please consider the following consumption:

    0260.0464 – 25.000 to 50.000 pcs/month
    0260.0673 – 14.000 to 28.000 pcs/month
    0260.1022 – 40.000 to 80.000 pcs/month

    Please send me your best offer together with the lead times for samples and normal production.
    Best Regards

  • Javier

    Looking for a factory to manufacture air conditioner bracket.I runs a network distributor metal brackets and mounts,range from TV bracket to AC brackets. The support should be line-welded and paint powder.Contact me,please.Thank you.


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