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Service:Custom cold forged bolts,cold heading metal bolts

Short Description: Use Cold forged/Cold heading technology to fabricate metal bolts,including flange bolts,Long bolts,Hexagon bolts,Gear flange bolts,and so on.High speed impact heading,strong and solid,widely used in the field of  auto,machinery,electronic, aerospace,and so on.

Available materials: Stainless / Aluminum / Copper, Brass, Bronze / Alloy Steel / Titanium /Carbon steel

Shape & Size: Custom according to drawing;

Place of Origin: China, Service to World;

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 What can we do for you?–Custom cold forged bolts,cold heading metal bolts

cold forging partsAvailable materials

Stainless / Aluminum / Copper, Brass, Bronze / Alloy Steel / Titanium /Carbon steel

Available size

Wire Diameter: 2mm-24mm

Length: 5mm-300mm

Speed & Effience


Expereinced Items:
 long-bolts gear-flange-boltsnon-standard-special-bolt
 Benefits of Custom cold forging/cold heading

 Most of machined parts could be re-designed and re-manufactured  to be parts made by technology of cold heading,which help you to get significant cost savings.

  • Improve production effience and reduced Production costs:Because of using high speed manufacturing process. The speed reaches range from 10 pieces per minute for low volume large press work to to 450 pieces per minute on the cold heading process.
  • Save material cost: Compared to a traditional machining process, cold forming process  can save up to 70%.
  • Better control product tolerance: compared to more expensive machining processes,less tolerance can be achieved throughout the production process by coldforming
  • Higher and better quality surface: compared to conventional machined surfaces ,cold forming process can get result . The cold forming process can eliminate the need for costly secondary operations, such as welding, machining, etc, with careful product and process design,
  • Improved part performance and characteristics: due to the metal deformation resulting in improved grain structure, while work hardening can yield significantly improved product performance,cold forming process can improve metal part performance and its characteristics.

See how the technology of cold forging/cold heading to save materials cost:

cold-heading to save material

Advantages of cold heading

SpeedDepending upon the size and complexity of the part and the nature of the equipment of producing them, production rates of 4000 pieces per hour can be achieved.
EconomyWhen compared to casting and machining labor the metal savings alone justify the conversion to an impact extrusion.In some cases when the aluminum slug is sized accurately, little or no trimming or other secondary operations are required.
StrengthThe impact process naturally work hardens non-heat treatable alloys, while the heat treatable alloys can be heat treated in normal fashion after processing.
ToughnessThe impact extruding process produces parts that are dense and porous-free in structure. This condition cannot be obtained in a casting process or by machining of a bar material.
VersatilityAfter impacting, the product can be treated the same as any other piece of material. Secondary operations such as machining, grinding, welding, bending, plating or anodizing can be performed in the same way as any other piece manufactured by a more conventional process.
ConsolidationImpacts can directly replace machined components, or welded or riveted assemblies, in many designs. The process often reduces product costs for secondary machining operations and in many cases increases the strength of a product that was previously an assembly.
 General knowledge on “metal bolts” ?

All metal bolts with flange head can be made with technology of cold forging/cold heading.

Bolts, a kind of mechanical parts, threaded fasteners with a cylindrical nut. Consisting of the head and screw (with male cylinder) a class of two-part fastener is required with the nut for fastening two parts with a hole. According to head shape,bolts can be divided into: hexagon head bolts, round head bolts, square head bolts,countersunk head bolt.

Bolts in daily life and industrial production is very widely. Scope of application of the bolts are: electronic products, machinery products, digital products, electrical equipment, machinery and electrical machinery products. Ships, vehicles, water projects, and even chemical experiment is also useful to bolt. The above products are used in digital precision bolts. DVD, camera, glasses, watches, electronics and other uses miniature bolts. TV, electrical products, musical instruments, furniture, etc. with the general bolt; as engineering, architecture, bridges using large bolts; transportation equipment, aircraft, train, car, etc., compared with the size of the bolt and use. Bolt has an important task in the industry, as long as there is on Earth industry, the function bolts always important.

Quality Grade Meaning

Accordance with the relevant standards, performance rating 3.6,4.6,4.8,5.6,6.8,8.8,9.8,10.9,12.9 bolt more than 10 levels, including 8.8 and above bolt material is carbon steel or carbon steel and heat treatment (quenching and tempering), commonly known as high strength bolts, and the rest is known as ordinary bolts. Bolt performance rating label has two parts numbers, respectively, said male bolt material tensile strength and yield strength ratio. For example:
Performance rating 4.6 bolts, its meaning is:
1, the bolt material nominal tensile strength up to 400MPa grade;
2, bolt material yield strength ratio is 0.6;
3, bolt material nominal yield strength of 400 × 0.6 = 240MPa grade
Performance rating 10.9 high strength bolts, the material after heat treatment, can be achieved:
1, the bolt material nominal tensile strength up to 1000MPa level;
2, bolt material yield strength ratio is 0.9;
3, bolt material nominal yield strength of 1000 × 0.9 = 900MPa grade
Bolt performance rating is the meaning of international standard, the same performance level of the bolt, regardless of the origin of the difference between the material and its performance is the same design on the level of performance you can use only.
The so-called strength grade 8.8 and 10.9 refers bolt shear stress level is 8.8GPa and 10.9GPa
8.8 nominal tensile strength 800N / MM2 nominal yield strength of 640N / MM2
The bolt is generally “X.Y” indicates intensity,
X * 100 = the tensile strength of the bolt,
X * 100 * (Y / 10) = the yield strength of the bolt
(Because according to identification requirements: yield strength / tensile strength = Y / 10)
As 4.8
This bolt
Tensile strength: 400MPa
Yield strength: 400 * 8/10 = 320MPa

Bolt quality detection and checking

Bolt detected ways can be divided into labor detecting and machine automatic detecting. Labor is the most original and most widely used way of coincidence detection. In order to minimize the outflow of defective products, the general production of corporate officers by visual approach to packaging or shipment of product testing to rule out defective products (including bad teeth hurt, mixing, rust, etc.).
Another way for automatic testing machine, mainly magnetic particle inspection.
Magnetic particle testing is the use of the leakage magnetic field interacting with the magnetic particle defects of the bolt, bolt for possible defects (such as cracks, slag, mixing, etc.) differences in permeability and permeability of the steel, after magnetization of these materials are not continuous Kawasaki will occur at magnetic field changes, the magnetic flux leakage portion is formed at the surface of the leakage magnetic field generated in order to attract magnetic particles to form a magnetic powder defect accumulation – magnetic marks, under appropriate lighting conditions, showing the location and shape of the defect, for accumulation of these magnetic powder to be observed and interpreted, has reached the purpose of removing defective products.

 Our equipments to “Custom cold forged bolts,cold heading metal bolts”

 Multi-Stage cold heading equipment:

Working Stages
Press force
The maximum shearing diameter
The maximum shearing
Production Speed
Flush with stroke
Die through a stroke
The main slide stroke
The main motor power
Shear modulus size
Flush with dimensions
Die size
Die spacing
Producible screw diameter
The longest length of strong screw
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