Let HVAC products be more eco-friendly;Help you to save money;Let’s create green future together

To create green world and future together!

Smartclima, a compositive supplier for HVACR parts&accessories,providing one-stop solution service for AC project,Ventilation Project & Refrigerating&Heating works,serving worldwide clients and its people .We take pride in its unwavering pursuit of excellence and a forward-looking approach to innovation.

Every milestone reached by Smartclima is the result of hard work by the many thousands comprising its creative workforce. They not only are Smartclima’s heart and soul, excelling in different domains, but also the guarantors for a happy and fruitful life.

Smartclima not only makes use of its specialized production to provide clients and people in different domains with a platform to be creative and innovative. It also exerts its influence, engendered by a strong sense of social responsibility, to afford future innovators the opportunity to gain access to the best technical amenities, helping them to contribute to future successes.

Development Strategy

The Company endeavored to focus its efforts in aligning closely with the national strategy, strengthening in-house innovation, promoting commercialization of new and advanced technologies, and proactively developing a low-carbon business model. These strategies will enhance investment in new energy industries and focus efforts on developing equipment for both new energy and high efficiency and clean energy as well as foster the development of industrial products and the modern services industry.

Through continuous enhancements of our capabilities in developing technology and operating overseas businesses, the overall competitiveness of the Company has greatlywill be improved.

By adhering to the principle of “bearing our shareholders’ interests in mind” while building on our capacity for technology development and equipment production, we will venture to achieve sustainable development of the Company, to provide China and the world with greener and more efficient energy products.
Essentially we have stripped our business back to basics and we offering only copper products and some other complimentary items such as silver solder and high quality wall and roof brackets for condenser units. We can supply a very wide variety of other installation products however these will be indent order only and not held in stock.
We feel the future is very bright for smartco and believe there is a place for us in the world market where people are looking for a cost effective alternative to premium priced, locally sourced, copper products. We are helping world HVAC business owners improve their bottom line by using Smartclima`s products. Our ultimate aim is to establish our product as the number one exported copper tube into world and we will accomplish this by building relationships with key market forces in both plumbing and HVAC/R.

Corporate Vision

With innovation a driving force,Smartclima provides China and the world with greener and more efficient energy supplies and industry products, while growing into a modern and international supplier in the field of new energy products.