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Copper Tube Coil Immersion Heat Exchanger Manufacturer-supplier China

Copper tube coil immersion heat exchanger

Copper tube coil immersion heat exchanger

Copper tube coil immersion heat exchanger,custom heat exchanger copper tubing coil

Copper Coil tube type heat exchanger,also called copper Spiral heat exchanger, is a serpentine heat exchanger, typically consists by a copper tube which is bent as needed into a desired shape, such as circular, spiral, and the long serpentine. Sometimes,double copper tubes are bent in parallel in order to get better performance.At the both ends,usually are welded with brass joints.It was the first appearance of a heat transfer equipment, simple structure, easy operation.The main advantage is very high heat exchanging efficient. Usually used as immersion heat exchanger.

Custom various of Copper tube coil immersion heat exchanger

Material: Copper tube (available for aluminium tube or stainless steel tube depending on your requirement);

Min. order: 1 unit

Place of origin: China

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Models & Details for “Copper tube coil immersion heat exchanger”


  • Made from one copper tube;Parallel two tubes for coiling are also available;
  • Also available on Aluminium Tube or Stainless steel Tube.
  • Excellent heat exchanging performance;Compact and neat design with high thermal transfer performance;
  • Good corrosion resistance, biofouling resistance, maximum allowable stress and internal pressure, tensile strength, yield strength, high melting point, alloyability, easy to fabricate, and easy to weld.
  • Available for  circular, spiral, and the long serpentine;
  • Finned tube is also working;
  • Available for various dimensions;
  • Can be welded with brass joints;
  • All items are performed full testing before delivery.
  • Accept min. order: 1 unit

Copper tubing sprial coil immersion heat exchanger was always used to transfering energy. It has better efficientce than shell or tube exchangers for low flow rates. Because of its simple and easy design and construction,and also low price and easy to clean.

heat-exchanger-copper-tube-coilCopper tube immersion coil heat exchangercopper-coil-heat-exchanger


Buying Guide to “Copper tube coil immersion heat exchanger”


  • The heat exchanger accept customized production;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or a small quantity,please consider international air freight as cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • More types of Heat Exchanger are not displayed on the web.If the item above doesn`t meet your requirement,please contact us to email: [email protected]  we can supply a favourite item you need.

General Knowledge on “Copper tube coil immersion heat exchanger”

Copper tube coil immersion heat exchanger/Stainless Steel coil immersion heat exchanger  is used to transfer heat in a wide variety operating conditions. coil immersion heat exchanger is more efficient than shell and tube exchangers for low flow rates. Due to their simple construction they are low in price and convenient to clean on the shell side. Thermal efficiency approximates that a true countercurrent flow type exchanger. Condenserors are used for condensation vapours cooling liquids. Condensers are made by fusing number parallel coils in a glass shell. Copper tube coil immersion heat exchanger is artificial to special requirements as to dimensional tolerances, finish and tempers for use in condensers and heat exchangers. Copper heat exchanger tubes are normally supplied in straight length in annealed half hard temper. It is not only have the stiff tolerances the most dependable dimensions throughout the tube length. The tube surface is clean both inside. Coils are made in different diameters using tubes different bores.The material of copper,used in heat exchanger,has much excellent performance for thermal transmission. First of all, copper was top good heating conductor and has excellent heat conductivity,which permit thermal to transmit fastly.The second factor, copper has good performance of corrosion resistance and biofouling resistance, which performance permit stress and internal pressure, high melting point, easy to weld together. The third factory for copper to use as heat exchanger is its healthy,permitting to contact food and water directly,without harm to people.

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17 Inquires to Copper tube coil immersion heat exchanger

  1. I would like a quote on a copper coil I want to put around a 5″ flue on a wood heater.
    I want to use 3/4″ copper pipe and the length of the finished coil is 900mm.

  2. I am looking for a copper tubing coils which can be fit out side the motor cycle bike silencers of dia 10 or 15mm with brass tips joints to put plastic tubes .
    I want to use it as heat exchanger and
    pass lequid gas through it.which can be
    enter any chamber fumigation purpose.

  3. I need copper immersion heat exchanger
    350 mm diameter 20 mm copper tube 60 metres long.
    What is the price for this?

  4. Are you able to manufacture a coiled heat exchanger that is less than 4″ in diameter? How about 2″? Need to have both the inlet and outlet connections on the same side.

    If yes, could you please provide me an estimated cost for these HXs? Also, do you have other less expensive metal coil than copper?

  5. I need 1 x copper coil heat exchanger with the possibility of future orders.
    The OD of the copper tube is 22mm.
    The diameter of the coil is 300mm
    The length of the coil is 400 – 500mm
    Infeed at the bottom of the bottom of the coil and outfeed at the top.
    I need this delivered to the UK as soon as possible.

  6. Hi iam after copper coil
    Size 500mm long and out side diameter 145mm
    Can you please tell me prize Inc post to U.K.
    Can I have priz for 15mm and 10mm copper pipe size

  7. I am looking for 2 coils to be used as distillery condensers. I don’t have a drawing but the approximate description would be a basic copper coil made from ~1” tubing, wound to an ~18” diameter which is ~24” tall and has ~25’ of tubbing with entry on the top and discharge on the bottom. The pitch just needs to be enough that glycol can flow freely around it.

    Can you quote based on my description above?


  8. I am looking to buy a copper coil that is 14 inches tall with an inside the coil diameter of 2 inches.The copper pipe should be 3/4 inch in diameter.
    Please let me know if you have this item and the price.
    Thank you

  9. I’m looking for an immersion coil heat exchanger. Tube diamater must be 3/4 ID with 3/4 National Pipe fittings on both ends The coil must have an outside diamater no larger than 4″ with a height on the coil of about 30 inches and have both ends exit the top with about 6 to 8 inches of lead above the coil.

  10. hello

    i want a copper tube in tube for the conditions:

    heat capacity: 3kw
    heat time required: 2.5 hr
    initial water temp: 15[c]
    final water temp : 60 [c]


  11. Hi,

    I need a small copper or SS coil with in and out tubes at the same point (i.e. like a lot of your photos).

    I need this very small (i.e. DN50 max external diameter and approx 10cm coil height (with 5cm straight tube sections after)).

    Can you please email me a quote for just one unit of these?


  12. Had a contractor set up a Central A/C system and he soldered the copper tubing leading from the device (outside),, into our basement where it connects to our furnace (blower). Is there any industry guideline that still accepts this technique of setup. I hear there is a more reliable, reliable means of installing this without soldering the pipelines

  13. Interested in a small Copper Tube Coil Immersion Heat Exchanger. Do I provide you with a drawing? How fast is the turnaround? And are you able to customize it with the ends of the tubing having adapters/ fittings?

  14. I looked at the finned coiled section and was wondering if they come as small as 4\” in diameter ( 4\”width really–doesn\’t not have to be a circle) by 22\”long? Also, how hot of an environment can the finned pipe withstand for exchanging air to water?

    If I can\’t make the finned coil work I am looking for a 1/2\” to 3/4\” stainless steel coil no larger than 4\” diameter–again can be oval or track shaped and 22\” long with threaded ends both coming off the same end of the coil. A coil within a coil would also work as some of your pictures illustrated but I don\’t think they can go that small. I am looking for just one of these now and I would be needing this in Valdez, Alaska for shipping estimates.

    Thanks for your help

    Adam Sharrai

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