Copper tee Y-shaped reducer

Copper tee Y-shaped reducer 1

Copper tee Y-shaped reducer, copper branch U-shaped welding three-way

Name:Copper tee Y-shaped reducer,different diameter

Specifications: see below.

Material: Copper TP2 / T2

Copper content: 99.9%

Implementation standards : Europe EN1254 ( BS864 ) and the United States ANSIB16.22 [ 19459022] standard

Scope of application: air conditioning refrigeration, plumbing hardware, hot and cold water supply, air energy water heaters, engineering machinery, refrigeration equipment, etc.

Place of origin:Made in China, export to worldwide.

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Specification on “Copper tee Y-shaped reducer ”

inner 6mm x inner 8mm x inner 8mm
Inner 8 x Inner 7 x Inner 7
Inner 9.6 x Inner 6.35 x Inner 6.35
Inner 9.6 x Outer 9.5 x Outer 9.5
Inner  12.7 x Inner  9.6 x Inner 9.6
Inner 12.7 x Inner 10.5 x Inner 10.5
Inner 12.7 x Outer 12.7 x Outer 12.7
Inner 16x inner 13 x inner 13
Inner 16 x Outer 16 x Outer 16
Inner  19x inner 16 x inner 16
Inner 19 x Outer 19 x Outer 19
Inner 22 xInner 19 x Inner 19
Inner 22 x Outer 22 x Outer 22
Inner 25.4 x Inner 22 x Inner 22
Inner 28.6 x Inner 19 x  Inner 19
Inner 28.6 x outer 22 x  outer22
Inner 28.6 x Inner 22 x Inner 22
Inner 35x Inner 28 x Inner 28

… …

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