Copper Rods

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Copper Rods

Copper Rods
Copper rod is essential in different industries for several purposes. We offer best quality Copper Rods which is made of the superior quality copper. The huge stock of copper rods includes various sizes in terms of length and diameters. We also offer Copper Alloy Rod which is manufactured using the most sophisticated technology ensuring better performance and highest durability

Copper Earth Rods – These rods are from high tensile-low carbon steel. All the rods are molecularly bonded by 99.99% pure, high conductivity copper bondings, each & every rod is treated with Benzol-triozole derivatives. Roll threading process is used in order to form the threads on the rods. Which in turn provide the threads with the extra strength, that is required to eliminate the risk of chipping the threads while driving the rods in the ground.

Solid Copper Earth Rods – These rods are formulated in two different manner- Externally threaded and internally threaded. Solid Copper earth rods are usually used in the applications, where the corrosion factor is very high and exceptionally long life is required. Therefore, these rods are specifically manufactured from pure and high conductivity hard drawn copper.

Variety Of Application
We supply copper rods in all the standard shapes & sizes. Although we can facilitate customized rods according to the specifications provided by the client. These rods have found various applications in mechanical and engineering domain. Few of the the industries are:

Electrical Industries
Engineering Industries
Household Electrical Appliances

Length:5m,3m,or as required

Copper bar is widely used in boat building,War industry, Car industry and communication industry where the components need good wear proof and great corrosion resistance


HVAC Parts >>Air Conditioner Spare Parts>> AC Copper & Brass Fittings >> Copper Fittings  >>  Copper Rods

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    What`s max diamater can you supply?

  2. lucasg615

    I need 1 meter and dia.30mm copper rod as earth linking,how can i get it?

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