copper return bend

copper return bend copper return bend

copper return bend

U-Bend Copper Fitting
1. 1/4″ – 5/8″ TP2

2 .Used for air conditioner system and water pipe system
3. OEM requires optional

The copper return bend is used for condenser and evaporator,also used for water pipe system to connect.Connecting technology is brazing.

We enjoy the expertise in the field of production of Copper “U” Bends components. Outstanding features like robust contraction, precise dimension and high durability make our products favorite to various industries,especially for air conditioner system. We use superior quality raw materials Copper TP2 tube to manufacture these copper return bend. As one of the leading manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of these U bends, we are manufacturing different size U bends as per the requirements of our clients. We used cutting edge technology to manufacture our products such that the products have precise dimension, high tensile strength, and elevated accuracy.Also, in the production of these copper return bends we are using CNC machines for different diameters, pitch and height and also using special CNC machines to insert brazing rings as per the requirements of our clients.

Accept customized size

copper return bend



Tube OD Size (inch)

Height (A Size)

Pitch(B Size)

Copper Return bend

3/8”    Return bend



1/2”   Return bend


Customizes Customizes
5/8”    Return bend


Customizes Customizes
3/4”    Return bend


Customizes Customizes
7/8”   Return bend


Customizes Customizes
1”    Return bend


Customizes Customizes
1-1/8”  Return bend


Customizes Customizes
1-1/4”   Return bend


Customizes Customizes
1-3/8”     Return bend


Customizes Customizes
1-5/8”    Return bend


Customizes Customizes
2-1/8   Return bend


Customizes Customizes


copper return bend


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