Copper Coil-Bare


Copper Coil

Copper Coil

Process: Anaerobic degreasing squeeze tube

Status: Soft

Material: Copper


* Mainly applicable to pipes and fittings used in industries such as chemical industry, HVAC, mechanical equipment, water supply system, automobile oil pipe, etc.

[Characteristics of Copper Pipe]

1.High low temperature strength

2.The copper tube is strong and corrosion resistant

3. Copper is economical and lightweight

4.Copper is changeable and easy to connect

5.Copper is safe, does not leak, does not support combustion, and does not produce toxic gases

6.Recycling of copper is good for environmental protection

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Refrigeration tubes as per domestic and foreign standards,in coils,soft temper,in shrinking wrapped bag in cardboard box.Standards:ASTM B280,JIS H3300 & BSEN 12735

Copper Coil Copper Coil Copper Coil Copper Coil

Copper Coil


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  • Dustin Deguara

    Hi Sir,

    i would like to inform me if you export soft copper to malta ?

    a) what the mtr that are avalabile?
    b) what is the price right now?
    C) what is the lenghts that you provides to your customers ?
    D) what is the price that you can provide right now by ton pls?

    will wait for your reply asap



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