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Copper Coil In Shell Heat Exchanger,best Heat Exchanging Performance Manufacturer-supplier China

Copper Coil in shell Heat Exchanger,best heat exchanging performance

Copper tube Coil in shell Heat Exchanger

Item: Copper Coil in shell Heat Exchanger,Various BTU and RT (Ton Of Refrigeration),best heat exchanging performance

Short Description: The heat exchange copper coil is in spiral distribution and with compact structure. For small gap of refrigerant passage, this can ensure effectiveness of heat exchanging, and prevent lubricant accumulation.The sprial copper coil can increases the heat exchanging area, improve the liquid wettability and distribution, thus effectively decrease water film and improve heat-exchange efficiency.It can stand high pressure(Reachs 5.2Mpa),using this heat exchanger in R410a system  is no problem.

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Features on “Copper Coil in shell Heat Exchanger”

The heat exchager with design of “Copper coil in shell” always has best heast exchanging performance,they are always used on heat pump units.

Our types of “Copper Coil in shell Heat Exchanger” have the following Specifications:

High Effciency of Heat Exchange:
1)Use efficiency finned copper tube, heat exchange area is 3.7 times than the Smooth Tube,it is a important cause of high efficiency.
2.Small flow rate, big temp. difference
3)Inside the tube is screw thread,so the water will eddy flow forward ,it’s another cause of high efficiency.
4)The compact helix structure of the coil ensures sufficient heat exchange between the gas and water.

Can stand high pressure,Work Condition:
1)Refrigerant side (Between the tube and shell):R22,R134a,R404a,R407c,R410a,R600a,etc.
2)Water side (inside of the tube):Domestic water,tap water,antifreeze (glycol solution)
3)This structure A suitable for used as condenser,For heat mode.

Material to adopt:
1)Heat transfer Coil Tube:High efficiency finned copper tube coil,(Optional: finned nickel-copper tube , finned double-wall copper tube)
2)shell: High quality soecial steel used in compressor ,thickness:4mm.

1)Thanks to the small flow rate, big temperature difference design,easy to get the high-efficiency heat transfer ability.
2)Small volume Compactly design is helpful to save the space ,Thereby reducing the size of whole units.
3)It’s widely used in air-source heat pump, water-source heat pump and refrigeration units.
4),Various refrigeration loading capacity,different BTU and RT (Ton Of Refrigeration)

Safety of copper coil in shell heat exchanger:
1)Whole tube inside shell has no internal joint,that means no welding bug.
2)The Copper Tube is fully shaped and then installed into the shell thus free from Products processing defects.
3)There is no block on water loop and the water flow is smooth,thus keep it avoid dirty.
4)The water pipe is on the lowest position ,and easy for drainage in cold season,avoid freeze.

These copper coil in shell can work for different refrigeration condition



dual loop heat exchanger

Models & Details for “Copper Coil in shell Heat Exchanger”

Single-unit tube coil in shell Heat Exchanger

Single-unit tube copper coil in shell Heat Exchanger
HPModelHeat Exchange Capacity(KW)Water FlowPipe Dia.Pipe lenth Heat exchang AreaConnector Size (mm)Water loop
CoolingHeatingm³/hmmmmRefrigerant InRefrigerant OutWater In&Out
1HP79HD0112.53.30.6615.8821000.36612.712.715.88Single coil
1.5HP79HD0163.64.70.9415.8826500.46212.712.715.88Single coil
1.5HP-S118HD0153.64.70.9419.0521000.4412.712.719.05Single coil
2HP79HD0204.86.21.2415.8832000.55812.712.715.88Single coil
2HP-S118HD0204.86.21.2419.0527000.56512.712.719.05Single coil
3HP118HD0307.29.31.8619.0538500.80615.8812.719.05Single coil
3HP-L118HS0359.612.42.4815.882900×21.01215.8812.715.88×2Dual coil
4HP118HD0409.612.42.4819.0547000.98415.8812.719.05Single coil
5HP155HS0501215.63.1219.053650×21.52819.0512.719.05×2Dual coil
6HP155HS06014.418.73.7419.054350×21.82119.0512.719.05×2Dual coil
7HP155HS07016.821.84.3619.055050×22.11519.0512.719.05×2Dual coil
9HP155HS09021.628.15.6219.055750×22.40819.0512.719.05×2Dual coil
10HP155HS10024.831.56.319.056450×22.70119.0512.719.05×2Dual coil
12HP244HS12028.837.57.525.46200×23.46125.415.8825.4×2Dual coil
15HP244HS1503646.89.3625.47100×23.96425.415.8825.4×2Dual coil
Note: The performance data is tested by Recycling Machine with R22 refrigerant. The Heat exchange can work for R134,R22,R410a,etc.

multi-unit tube coil in shell Heat Exchanger

Multi-unit tube copper coil in shell Heat Exchanger
HPModelHeat Exchange Capacity(KW)Water FlowPipe Dia.Pipe lenth Heat exchang AreaConnector Size (mm)
CoolingHeatingm³/hmmmmRefrigerant InRefrigerant OutWater In&Out
Note: The performance data is tested by Recycling Machine with R22 refrigerant. The Heat exchange can work for R134,R22,R410a,etc.
Notice on using “Copper Coil in shell Heat Exchanger”

max press of High Efficiency Tube Coil In Shell Heat Exchanger

usage of copper coil heat exchanger

Copper Coil in shell Heat Exchanger

How to order “Copper Coil in shell Heat Exchanger ”
  • The heat exchanger is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The item takes large packing dimension,therefore,takes much volume weight.The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or two,please consider freight(by air or by sea) into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Pls indicate us the quantity you need,so that we can calculate the shipping charges;After you confirm the price,we`ll send the invoice via Paypal for you to pay.We also accept payment method of Western Union or Bank wire;
  • Please contact us to email: [email protected]
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