Copper brazing ring


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Copper Brazing Ring

Copper brazing rings Copper brazing rings

Copper brazing ring

BCuP-7. BCu92P, BCu93P,
BCu88PAg, BCu91PAg, BCuP-6,
BCuP-4, BCuP-5, BAg20CuZn,
BAg30CuZn, BAg40CuZn

High silver brazing alloy is composed of silver or silver based alloy. It makes perfect welding effect with low melting point, fine wettability and extensive flow property. For its high strength, good plasticity, electric conductivity, well corrosion resistance, it can be used for welding all ferrous and nonferrous metals except of Aluminum, Magnesium, and other low melting point metals.

Copper brazing rings

Copper brazing ring with low silver

Phos/copper brazing, whose jiont has high strength(generally greater than 180 Mpa) suit?for brazing copper and copper alloys with low plasticity,and unfit to be used in the impacted or curved state .Phos/copper filler metal has the self-brazing ability,so can braze copper and silver without flux or braze copper alloy mixed with flux 102. Especially, its fit with the brazing with torch, induction and resistance.

The phosphor included in phos/copper alloy, together with iron,can produce brittleness compound, so this alloy can’t be used to braze steel or other ferrous metals.

The joint or socket connection with 0.05-0.13m/n gap is recommended ,and it will get a satisfying effect.

Square rod and Round rod

Square size: Max:4.2mm

Round Diameter : 1.5mm~4.0mm


Diameter : 0.8mm~1.2mm


Wire Diameter: 0.8mm~1.6mm

Ring Diameter(In):?8mm~35mm


5kg/bag;20kgs/box;500kgs/wodden box;1MT/pallet;

Copper brazing ring usage: It is widely used in the refrigeration, heating and ventilating and air conditioning industries for the brazing of copper pipework systems. This alloy has been used for fittings of copper cylinders where greater ductility is required than the standard copper phosphorus products used on the seams. It is also used in electrical engineering applications such as the brazing of electric motor rotor bars to end rings.

Smartclima manufacture and export various kinds of brazing alloys. And our main products line are High Silver Brazing Alloys, Aluminum Alloys, Phos /Copper Brazing Alloys, Silver brazing filler metal, Typical welding neck collar size, Copper Piping and Fluxes and so on.

Home>>Refrigerating Parts & Heating Elements>>Copper Fitting & Brass Fittings >>  Copper brazing ring

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    COPPER TUBES 99.986% copper 184 x 10 x 84 mm.
    Outer diameter 210 mm, Inner diameter 184 mm & Length 84 mm. Qty 100


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