Conversion efficiency of solar panels

Solar Panel efficiency

Solar Panel efficiency refers to the conversion of solar panels (solar cell) efficiency in converting sunlight into electricity. Higher conversion efficiency, same power module area can be smaller. MW-level PV power station, set the decreased size, including construction costs, will be reduced. Conversely, if within the same area is covered with solar panels, conversion efficiency, the higher the output power will be bigger and bigger. For plots of land prices and set terms of limited size million-watt class solar power plant business, the conversion efficiency is a very important indicator.

Solar panel consists of several solar cells (power symbol). In solar research and development phases, solar cell efficiency is the focus of attention, and when panels composed of cells (assemblies), due to the current consumption of wiring, efficiency is reduced. Power generation business it is essential that the efficiency of the photovoltaic system as a whole, including the conversion efficiency of solar panels and converted to AC power regulator (PCS) conversion efficiency.

Current solar cells can only convert some of the energy of sunlight into electricity. Now the mainstream is the use of semiconductor materials for solar cells, solar panels from the fires, caused by electron transfer, to generate electricity. Sunlight excitation wavelength depends on the type of semiconductor. Using a variety of compound semiconductor solar theory than the crystalline silicon-type solar cell conversion efficiency higher, because wavelength can be used for power generation and more. Says crystalline silicon-type solar cell conversion efficiency tends to peak, compounds solar conversion efficiency with technological development and there is still a lot of room for improving, this is why.

Technicians currently working on principle of quantum-dot solar power compared to semiconductor solar cells, if in the future this innovative solar cells in use, nearly 40% is possible to achieve a conversion efficiency of high efficiency solar panels.

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