Considerations for using electric floor heating for the first time

Considerations for electrical floor heating user, when you first run the electric floor heating system, cannot suddenly heats up, otherwise it may damage the floor heating system heating body and the floor surface. The heating cable heating system, for example, when you first start the heating cable system to preheat the day, gradually increases in temperature, duration proposals in 3 days time.

After starting the heating system, suitable network special reminder: when you leave the room to turn off heating system back, and then turn the heating system on, do so without energy-saving features. A more economical approach is this: when you leave, through 13 indoor temperature control ¡æ &nbsp~15 ¡æ, enter the room, 18 ¡æ ~20 ¡æ temperature control. Through the set, the indoor temperature is rising faster, usually within half an hour to rise from 15 c to 18 c ~20 c. &nbsp23396

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