Condensate drip tray


Condensate drip tray

Item: Condensate drip tray for air conditioner outdoor unit

Short Description: What method will you adopt to remove the trouble of air conditioner condensate drip?Maybe,you will adopt the traditional metallic drip try just like the left item in below photo.But,this metallic tray not only take much money to buy and install,also is dangerious to people under the air conditioner.So,Smartclima design a small but very smart drip port especially for air conditioner condensate drip remove.Use secondary condensate drip plastic tray from smartclima to instead of the traditional metallic tray.The plastic tray not only can sharply reduce your cost,but also no danger to the below walk-people.

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Condensate Drip Tray-Plastic Type,a small tip,but a great work !

condensate drip tray

The condensate drip tray  is to help you slove trouble from condensate water.It is a quality plastic item,which is available for all split air conditioner outdoor unit, to prevent water splash, condensation, evaporation and to stop fish jumping out.You just easily need to connect a drain pipe and then all are finish.

In air conditioner seasons,there are much consensation produced from evaporator or condenser of air conditioner unit. Usually,people will omit this water,and the result is that the water will drop onto the materials or people on ground.Some house use consensate collection tray(also named condensation pan) to collect water into the drain pipe dowm.But the steel tray is not only expensive to buy and to install,but also is dangerious when it installed under outdoor unit.Now,you can use this small plastic port to help you slove the trouble. It is made from plastic,anti-UV stability,you can use it many years.


Installation is very easy just as following 3 steps:

Condensate drip tray

1,put it into the bottom hole of outdoor unit.

Condensate drip tray

2,Then,put drain pipe onto the exit.If you like,you can use a clasp to fastern the pipe and exits.

Condensate drip tray

3,Put another exit of pipe into the drain system.

condensate drip port

Ok,finish.the condensate water will flow into your drain system.

Condensate drip tray

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  • The drip tray is in China,when you buy one or a small quantity,please consider freight into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Accept one unit as minimium order;
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  • dave

    how can I buy several of these? I only need a few

  • Ariel Iantosca

    A good design! my company is a well known Air Conditioner manufacturer from Argentina.We need this Condensate Drip Tray made from plastic to sell as accessory of our air conditioner. It seems to take only a little cost but can instead metal tray.We need also minimun order quantity and delivery time.
    Best Regards.


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