Condensate Drain Pump


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Condensate Drain Pump


Condensate Drain Pump Type A

Condensate Drain Pump Condensate Drain Pump2 Condensate Drain Pump

Nice-looking after installation.

Condensate Drain Pump3


After use it,the trouble from condensate goes away!

1),Microsoft computer control with no mistake and it`s first to creat.
2),Shaded pole motor torqueforce is powerful and guarantee never block the pipe.
3),Exceptional exothern protective equipment with high safety performance.
4),Overlarge disrosopia impeller and the capability of pollution discharge is powerful.
5),Microsoft computer control system,wipe off the mechanical noise from pump.
6),The pump have the function of invented valve,never cause reverse current because of the circumfluence by drain fail.
7),Isolated heat preservation design0crust don`t have condensation of mositure and sweat.
8),Adopt fireproof material,and fire rating up to UL94V-0.
9),Ver low noise.When it working normally,you wouldn`t feel its existing.


Condensate Drain Pump Type B

Condensate Drain Pump Type A

-Before carrying out any operation on小a pump, make sure小a installation is
disconnected from the power supply
-The pump has been evaluated for use with water only.
-Risk of electronic shock This pump has not been investigated for use in
swimming pool or manne areas
-If thecord Is mustt be replaced with a special ord or assemly
avaiable from the manufacturer or it’s service agent
-Do not run this pump try
-Always ensure the metal magnet in the float is facing upward .Always ensure
the reservoir is sitting flat and horizontal.
-The punP IS ideal for most working and living environments.It is not
recommended where the environments is city or particularly dusty
-Acceptable for indoor use only
-Non-submersible pump

Condensate Drain Pump

Condensate Drain Pump Type B1

Condensate Drain Pump Type B2





More knowledge:

     How to removal the condensates from the air conditioning?

Condensates (drops of water caused by warm, humid air passing over a
cold surface) are formed In sir conditioning, refrigeration and condensing
boiler units. There are 2 ways of removing them;
1. Evacuate the condensates by gravity, which means dealing with
technical and aesthetic problems (distant drainage outlet, not enough
fall, damage to walls and unsightly pipe work)
2. Instal a condensate removal pump (smaller dimensions. the appearance
of the installation is preserved for pearl spring series, simple and quick
to install for clear spring series, safer as equipped with alarm and non
return valve).

     What is a Condensate Drain Pump?

It is a system condensates gravity fall which consists
to be evacuated of a pump unit and a detection unit allowing
to a water drainage outlet where there is no gravity fall.

       This technology has 3 advantages:

1. It protects the appearance of the customer’s Installation (nounsightly pipework) 2. Easy, simple and safe to install
3. Reduction of the risk of bacterial contamination by waste water (no stagnation or back-flow of water due to non return valves)


HVAC Parts >>Air Conditioner Spare Parts >>Air Condition Installation >>Condensate Removal System  >>Air Conditioner Condensate Exit

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