Common malfunctions and their elimination methods of air conditioning

Frequently asked questions 1,In what conditioner the air conditioning system will turn?
Answer:  the air conditioning system will work in not all conditions, it must meet the following three conditions: 1. the engine is in the running state.
2. the ambient temperature is higher than 5 degrees Celsius (note that temperature is the temperature at the inlet).
3. on the blower switch on a gear, cannot be turned off.

Frequently asked questions 2: what`s the usage of air circulation system in the car
Answer: when the air conditioner is in the mode of circulation, out air couldn`t enter the car ,which prevents the outside air into the car, such as through the tunnel or traffic-intensive sections ,it can be enabled in-car system mode. If wants to rapid heating or cooling the air inside the car can also be enabled in-car system.
Note: 1. don’t let the car cycle system run for a long time, such as running for too long, because outside fresh air does not get into the car, and condensation on the window fog, path.
2. don’t smoke in the car, otherwise the system from the inhalation of smoke will be deposited in the car air conditioning evaporator air conditioning device will make the resulting the odor lingers on. In that case, replace evaporator problem can only be solved, can be time consuming and cost.

Frequently asked questions 3: How to shorten the time of air conditioning: during the process of cooling, compressor consumption engine power, increase fuel consumption.
1. If the vehicle has been exposed for a long time, in the air conditioning unit to work at the same time to open the window and door, hot air escape as soon as possible.
2. the use of air conditioning system in, close all the Windows and the activity window, you can give full play to efficiency of air conditioning. 3. access to ports must be open.
Air air intake on the front of the window not to be ice, snow, leaves and other foreign bodies blocking. Outlet air will flow through the entire output of cars, and then discharged from the vent under the windshield after cars, so don’t let the debris piled up on the Rear shelf blocked vent, resulting in heating, ventilation and cooling system is not working properly.
4. If the air conditioner can maintain the temperature inside the car is not enabled, you can set the air conditioning mode to ECON (economic) mode.

Frequently asked questions 4: why there is  bad smells after a spring and summer?
Answer: air conditioning do not use for a long time, because of natural sedimentation, evaporator and his smell. Therefore, the air-conditioning unit must open at least once a month, and make it work at maximum operating conditions over time, clear or prevent odor. Note to do this open in one window, so that air circulation inside the car.

Frequently asked questions 5: air conditioning evaporator flows”water”,does it mean air conditioning system happen problem?
Answer: under the hot and humid weather conditions, condensation, moisture in the air condenses in the air conditioner evaporator, forming water droplets, from the evaporator drip down, formed under of water, this is a normal phenomenon, without fuss, thinking it was a problem with the air conditioning system.

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