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Short Description: Use Cold forged/Cold heading technology to fabricate machinery parts, save material,increase part density,improve performance.
Available materials: Stainless / Aluminum / Copper/ Bronze  /Carbon steel/alloy metal
Shape & Size: Custom according to drawing;
Place of Origin: China, Service to World;

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 Benefits of  Cold forged machinery parts

 Most of machined parts could be re-designed and re-manufactured  to be parts made by technology of cold heading,which help you to get significant cost savings.

  • Improve production effience and reduced Production costs:Because of using high speed manufacturing process. The speed reaches range from 10 pieces per minute for low volume large press work to to 450 pieces per minute on the cold heading process.
  • Save material cost: Compared to a traditional machining process, cold forming process  can save up to 70%.
  • Better control product tolerance: compared to more expensive machining processes,less tolerance can be achieved throughout the production process by coldforming
  • Higher and better quality surface: compared to conventional machined surfaces ,cold forming process can get result . The cold forming process can eliminate the need for costly secondary operations, such as welding, machining, etc, with careful product and process design,
  • Improved part performance and characteristics: due to the metal deformation resulting in improved grain structure, while work hardening can yield significantly improved product performance,cold forming process can improve metal part performance and its characteristics.

See how the technology of cold forging/cold heading to save materials cost:

cold-heading to save material

Advantages of cold heading

SpeedDepending upon the size and complexity of the part and the nature of the equipment of producing them, production rates of 4000 pieces per hour can be achieved.
EconomyWhen compared to casting and machining labor the metal savings alone justify the conversion to an impact extrusion.In some cases when the aluminum slug is sized accurately, little or no trimming or other secondary operations are required.
StrengthThe impact process naturally work hardens non-heat treatable alloys, while the heat treatable alloys can be heat treated in normal fashion after processing.
ToughnessThe impact extruding process produces parts that are dense and porous-free in structure. This condition cannot be obtained in a casting process or by machining of a bar material.
VersatilityAfter impacting, the product can be treated the same as any other piece of material. Secondary operations such as machining, grinding, welding, bending, plating or anodizing can be performed in the same way as any other piece manufactured by a more conventional process.
ConsolidationImpacts can directly replace machined components, or welded or riveted assemblies, in many designs. The process often reduces product costs for secondary machining operations and in many cases increases the strength of a product that was previously an assembly.
 General knowledge on “Cold forged machinery parts” 

Mechinery parts, also known as mechanical and mechanical components are composed of individual parts of the machine can not spin, which is the basic unit of machinery.

Manufacture of Mechinery parts is the whole process of converting raw materials into finished products. In terms of the machine, including the production of raw materials, transport and storage, production preparation, blank manufacturing, processing and heat treatment of parts, assembly and commissioning of products, paints, packaging and so on. In the production process, the raw materials directly change (or blank) shape, size, position and performance, making it a finished or semi-finished products of the process, called a process, which is the main part of the production process. The process can be divided into casting, forging, stamping, welding, heat treatment, machining, assembly and other categories. Machinery manufacturing process generally refers to the sum of the parts assembly process machining processes and machines, other processes are called secondary processes such as inspection, cleaning, oil seals, packing, transport, storage, power supply, equipment maintenance. The cutting method to gradually change shape, size and surface quality of rough or semi-finished products, making the process carried out by qualified parts, called the machining process. In machinery manufacturing, machining process is the most important process.

Mechinery can be divided into the following categories:

1, parts for connection. Such as threaded connection, wedge connection, pin coupling, coupling, splined, interference fit connection, elastic ring connection, riveting, welding and bonding and so on.

2, motion and energy transfer belt drive, friction wheel drive, key drive, harmonic drive, gear, ropes and other mechanical drive and screw drive transmission, and drive shafts, couplings, clutches and brakes corresponding shaft zero components.

3, played the role of supporting parts, such as bearings, housing and the base and so on.

4, lubricating and sealing the lubrication system.

5, spring and other components.

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