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Coaxial heat exchanger is made by  Coaxial Coils to welded inlet and outlet ,and then covered by insulation coat.It is used for as Water Cooled Condensers in Water Chillers, in Water Source Heat Pumps and other systems which is need to do heat exchange. We accept to customize dimesion .


1,Coaxial condenser for air source heat pump/ground source heat pump/Refrigeration Unit

Inner tube material: twisted type copper tube (with twisted 4 heads,6 heads or 8 heads);
Outer tube material: Steel tube or copper tube(optional);
Water flows in the internal copper tube,anti-corrosion;
Refrigeranti goes through between outer tuber and inner tube.Because inner tube is designed with twisted type,can increse heat exchanging capacity and working efficience;
Shape: Oval, Round, Or Square;
With fixing feet;
Wuality line welding;
Tested by filling 3.5Mpa nitrogen,no leak;
Outer tube is sprayed with anti-corrosion powder and then sprayed with black powder;
Coated with 12mm insulation material;
With plastic end cap for water inlet & outlet.

8000BTU Coaxial heat exchanger,0.65RT (Ton Of Refrigeration)



12000BTU Coaxial heat exchanger,1RT (Ton Of Refrigeration)


16000BTU Coaxial heat exchanger,1.3RT (Ton Of Refrigeration)


24000BTU Coaxial heat exchanger,2RT (Ton Of Refrigeration)


32000BTU Coaxial heat exchanger,2.5RT (Ton Of Refrigeration)


40000BTU Coaxial heat exchanger,3.2RT (Ton Of Refrigeration)


48000BTU Coaxial heat exchanger,4RT (Ton Of Refrigeration)


56000BTU Coaxial heat exchanger,4.5RT (Ton Of Refrigeration)


64000BTU Coaxial heat exchanger,5RT (Ton Of Refrigeration)


80000BTU Coaxial heat exchanger,6.5RT (Ton Of Refrigeration)

80000BTU-Coaxial-Heat-Exchanger 1

96000BTU Coaxial heat exchanger,8RT (Ton Of Refrigeration)


160000BTU Coaxial heat exchanger,13RT (Ton Of Refrigeration)


… …


 2, Coaxial condenser for marine,Coaxial heat exchanger for marine

Coaxial condenser for marine

Coaxial condenser used in marine A/C  must have excellent corrosion resistance.Smartclima`s Coaxial condenser for marine/ Coaxial heat exchanger for marine has good performance as following:

1. Corrosion resistance
Applicable to ice machinery since excellent corrosion resistance of inner tube CU-NI and outer tube HPCC steel.
2. High efficiency
The patented convoluted inner tube generates more area and strongly enhances heat transfer between water and refrigerant.
3. Anti-freezing capability
Multi-spiral structure of inner tube imparts outstanding anti-freezing capability to coaxial heat exchanger.
4. Cleanness
Multi-spiral structure of inner tube allows water flow in high-speed turbulent state which will remove foul automatically to remain channel a high cleanness in long-term running.
5. Convenient installation
Coaxial heat exchanger for marine with simple structure which can be designed into round, trombone, rectangle, double helix and spiral shape. Customers are highly free to specify shape and dimensions to fit their units.


3,Customize Coaxial heat exchanger

*We can make Coaxial heat exchanger with single water pipe+refrigerant single  pipe, single water pipe+ refrigerant double  pipe,single water pipe+ refrigerant multi pipe ;

*We can make inner pipe with 4 twisted,6 wisted,8 twisted;

*Pipe material can be optional depending on your request;

*Shape can be Oval, round,square.

Inside detail and design:


Coaxial-heat-exchanger manufacture Coaxial-heat-exchanger

Theory of Coaxial heat exchanger:

Coaxial heat exchanger has tube-in-tube and twisted inner tube designs. Rugged tube surface can maximize the overall heat trans

The resulting convoluted tube has increased heat transfer surface area per unit length yet still permits full flow of both water and refrigerant around its entire periphery for improved performance. Turbulence imparted by the convolutions to both the water and refrigerant flows further enhances the thermal performance, while inhibiting the accumulation of deposits on the surfaces. The net result is a highly effective, compact heat exchanger with superior anti-fouling characteristics.

Feature of Coaxial heat exchanger:

1, High efficiency heat transfer: Because of using titanium corrugated tube, the flow channel continuously mutation, so that it always in a highly turbulent although the fluid velocity is very low. It is very difficult to become a laminar flow, and the main resistance for convective heat had being overcome. Simultaneously, the heat transfer are enhanced. so it has high efficiency heat transfer, more than the titanium plain tubes in 2 to 3 times.

2, Anti-fouling ability: The particles in the fluid are difficult to forming in the high turbulence in the flow channel. However, even with a small amount of scale formation on the wall, the turbulence of medium in the pipe, which is strongly erosion anti-fouling ability. Furthermore, it changes the stress of the different temperature between the inner tube and the outer tube, and the curvature of the thread pipe which has elastic characteristics has been changed lightly. That is why the threaded tube heat exchanger has the ability of antifouling and descaling.

3, Strong stress compensation ability: Because of the characteristics of thin-walled, elastic and structural shape threaded pipe, the curvature was changed lightly when the large temperature difference the inner tube and the outer tube to compensate and eliminate the thermal stress. Consequently to prevent the traditional tube heat exchanger to cracking efficiently.

4, With compact structure, small and light: The heat transfer coefficient of the threaded pipe heat exchanger is very high, and the required heat transfer areas are little, also with the small wall thickness, so the titanium corrugated tube heat exchanger has compact structure, small size and light weight.


How to choose Coaxial heat exchanger?

Usually,Coaxial heat exchanger is marked by HP,BTU or KW.  From below table,you can convert unit,and therefore,you can know which model of Coaxial heat exchanger you need.

BTU/hr to tons conversion table

Power (BTU/hr) Power (tons)
1 BTU/hr 8.33333×10-5 RT
10 BTU/hr 8.33333×10-4 RT
100 BTU/hr 8.33333×10-3 RT
1000 BTU/hr 8.33333×10-2 RT
10000 BTU/hr 8.33333×10-1 RT

Kilowatts to horsepower conversion table

Kilowatts (kW) Mechanic horsepower (hp(I)) Electric horsepower (hp(E)) Metric horsepower (hp(M))
0.001 kW 0.001341 hp 0.001340 hp 0.001360 hp
0.002 kW 0.002682 hp 0.002681 hp 0.002719 hp
0.003 kW 0.004023 hp 0.004021 hp 0.004079 hp
0.004 kW 0.005364 hp 0.005362 hp 0.005438 hp
0.005 kW 0.006705 hp 0.006702 hp 0.006798 hp
0.006 kW 0.008046 hp 0.008043 hp 0.008158 hp
0.007 kW 0.009387 hp 0.009383 hp 0.009517 hp
0.008 kW 0.010728 hp 0.010724 hp 0.010877 hp
0.009 kW 0.012069 hp 0.012064 hp 0.012237 hp
0.010 kW 0.013410 hp 0.013405 hp 0.013596 hp
0.020 kW 0.026820 hp 0.026810 hp 0.027192 hp
0.030 kW 0.040231 hp 0.040214 hp 0.040789 hp
0.040 kW 0.053641 hp 0.053619 hp 0.054385 hp
0.050 kW 0.067051 hp 0.067024 hp 0.067981 hp
0.060 kW 0.080461 hp 0.080429 hp 0.081577 hp
0.070 kW 0.093871 hp 0.093834 hp 0.095174 hp
0.080 kW 0.107282 hp 0.107239 hp 0.108770 hp
0.090 kW 0.120692 hp 0.120643 hp 0.122366 hp
0.100 kW  0.134022 hp  0.134048 hp  0.135962 hp
0.200 kW 0.268204 hp 0.268097 hp 0.271924 hp
0.300 kW 0.402307 hp 0.402145 hp 0.407886 hp
0.400 kW 0.536409 hp 0.536193 hp 0.543849 hp
0.500 kW 0.670511 hp 0.670241 hp 0.679811 hp
0.600 kW 0.804613 hp 0.804290 hp 0.815773 hp
0.700 kW 0.938715 hp 0.938338 hp 0.951735 hp
0.800 kW 1.072817 hp 1.072386 hp 1.087697 hp
0.900 kW 1.206920 hp 1.206434 hp 1.223659 hp
1.000 kW 1.341022 hp 1.340483 hp 1.359622 hp
2.000 kW 2.682044 hp 2.680965 hp 2.719243 hp
3.000 kW 4.023066 hp 4.021448 hp 4.078865 hp
4.000 kW 5.364088 hp 5.361930 hp 5.438486 hp
5.000 kW 6.705110 hp 6.702413 hp 6.798108 hp

 Kilowatts to BTU/hr conversion table

Power (kW) Power (BTU/hr)
1 kW 3412.142 BTU/hr
10 kW 34121.420 BTU/hr
100 kW 341214.200 BTU/hr
1000 kW 3412142.000 BTU/hr
10000 kW 34121420.000 BTU/hr

Tons to kW conversion table

Power (ton) Power (kW)
0.01 RT 0.035168525 kw
0.1 RT 0.35168525 kw
1 RT 3.5168525 kw
10 RT 35.168525 kw
100 RT 351.68525 kw


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6 Inquires to Coaxial heat exchanger

  1. I would like to have two different types of tube-in-tube coil heat exchangers (helically coiled) for the prototype run and provide the estimated configurations.

    * 1st type Heat Exchanger
    – Inner tube: 1/2″ Copper (smooth tube)
    – Outer tube: 1″ Copper (smooth tube)
    – Coil Diameter: 8″
    – Turns #: 10 – 11 (depends on the inlet and outlet directions)

    * 2nd type Heat Exchanger
    – Inner tube: 1/2″ Copper (smooth tube)
    – Outer tube: 1″ Copper (smooth tube)
    – Coil Diameter: 15″
    – Turns #: 5 – 6 (depends on the inlet and outlet directions)

    In summary, I need two different tube-in-tube heat exchangers. The material(Copper), inner and outer tube sizes, and heat transfer surface area should be same. The difference is a coil diameter(8” and 15”), which causes the different turns.

    I wonder that you can manufacture the heat exchangers that I have explained roughly. If so, please let me know the estimated price and lead time.


  2. Hello, yeah this paragraph Coaxial heat exchanger is genuinely good and I have learned lot of things from it on the topic of blogging. thanks.

  3. We are the factory of heat pump system,we need your heat exchanger for 1HP,1.5HP,2HP,3HP,5HP heat pump.

  4. Dear Sir/Madam

    Our company is also going to buy coaxial condansers. We need 3 / 5 / 8 / 12 / 18 / 24 and 32 kW models but all must be titanium heat changers just like the pictures below which are resistant to the sea water. Can you send us a price offer list for the all materials listed in the picture below ?
    Can you send us a price offer list and deliver time please ?

    Thank you and have a great day

    Best Regards

    Sezai ÖZCAN

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