Coaxial condenser for marine

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Coaxial condenser for marine

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There are two different type Coaxial condenser for marine HVAC unit. One is made from BrozenNickle tube,and the other is made from Titanium. These two are used for as marine  Condensers as its good-performance to anti-corrosion.

Coaxial condenser for marine is made by  steel out tube and nickelbronze/titanium inner tube ,the coaxial Coils to welded inlet and outlet ,and then covered by insulation coat.It is used for as marine  Condensers as its good-performance to anti-corrosion.Use in Marine HVAC Unit,the condenser run with sea water and freon gas R407C-R410A.

Coaxial condenser used in marine A/C  must have excellent corrosion resistance.Smartclima`s Coaxial condenser for marine has good performance as following:

1. Corrosion resistance
Applicable to ice machinery since excellent corrosion resistance of inner tube nickelbronze/titanium and outer tube  steel(or other materials).
2. High efficiency
The patented convoluted inner tube generates more area and strongly enhances heat transfer between water and refrigerant.
3. Anti-freezing capability
Multi-spiral structure of inner tube imparts outstanding anti-freezing capability to coaxial heat exchanger.
4. Cleanness
Multi-spiral structure of inner tube allows water flow in high-speed turbulent state which will remove foul automatically to remain channel a high cleanness in long-term running.
5. Convenient installation
The heat exchanger with simple structure which can be designed into round, trombone, rectangle, double helix and spiral shape. Customers are highly free to specify shape and dimensions to fit their units.

We accept to customize Coaxial condenser for marine.


Coaxial condenser for marine made from nickelbronze tube

Coaxial condenser for marine Model 16 (We accept to customize dimension)

Coaxial condenser for marine Coaxial-heat-exchanger2

PerformanceCooling CapacityHeating CapacityWater FlowCompressorDimensionWaterRefrigerant inlet and outlet



Coaxial condenser for marine Model 26 (We accept to customize dimension)

Coaxial condenser for marine Coaxial-heat-exchanger4


Heating ExchangeCompressorABCDEF



Coaxial condenser for marine Model 36 (We accept to customize dimension)

Coaxial condenser for marine Coaxial-heat-exchanger6

Heating ExchangeCompressorABCDEFGH



Coaxial condenser for marine Model 46 (We accept to customize dimension)

Coaxial condenser for marine Coaxial-heat-exchanger8

Heating ExchangeCompressorABCDEFGH


More models (We accept to customize dimension)




 Coaxial condenser for marine made from titanium tube


Titanium Coaxial Heat Exchanger,Marine Coaxial Condenser

Titanium Coaxial Heat Exchanger Titanium Coaxial Heat Exchanger Titanium Coaxial Heat Exchanger

Inner Titanium spiral tube,outer #304 stainless steel tube; Anti-corrosion for long years; Used in marine.

Titanium Coaxial Heat Exchanger: with two different size the standard pipe connected concentric circles casing outside called the shell (304 seamless pipe / titanium tube light), the internal called the tube inside ( titanium threaded pipe).Two different media can be in the shell and tube countercurrent flow (or in the same direction) in order to achieve the effect of the heat exchanger.

The titanium threaded pipe through a special process with enhanced heat transfer tube of the double-sided garter corrugated channel. Titanium threaded pipe has good corrosion resistance, high reliability, long life, and economic rationality. Increases titanium threaded pipe tube heat exchanger shell and tube heat exchanger temperature, pressure, flow, thermal load, general requirements, design and processing technology is mature, can be used for some kind of corrosive medium conditions. The most prominent advantage of the heat exchanger of the the titanium threaded pipe casing can force the fluid to flow through the tube bundle, so that the degree of fluid turbulence continued to be strengthened to achieve the purpose of heat transfer enhancement prescribed path many times wrong.
Titanium Coaxial Heat Exchanger`s main features:
1, Titanium Coaxial Heat Exchanger has a high heat transfer efficiency
Continuous heat exchange tube threaded pipe, pipe flow channel cross section mutations causing fluid, even in the case of a very low flow rate is also always in a highly turbulent state, it is difficult to form a laminar flow and convective heat thermal resistance effectively overcome tube inside and outside heat transfer enhancement, and thus a high heat transfer coefficient, usually traditional light tube heat exchanger 2 to 3 times.
2, Titanium Coaxial Heat Exchanger has the ability of anti-fouling:
So that particles in the fluid is difficult due to the high turbulence of the fluid within the flow channel, deposition of fouling, even with a small amount of scale formation on the wall, since the medium in the pipe internal and external turbulent flow, erosion strongly anti-fouling ability. Further, the threaded tube exists strain generated due to the stress of the temperature difference between the inner tube and the outer tube, so that the curvature of the tube of the thread has elastic characteristics the occurrence of microscopic changes, so that the threaded tube heat exchanger has the ability of antifouling and descaling.
3, Titanium Coaxial Heat Exchanger has the ability of stress compensation
Threaded tube because of their structural shape and characteristics of the thin wall, the inner tube and the outer tube temperature stress larger, having elastic characteristics of curvature of the threaded tube microscopic changes occurred to compensate for the elimination of thermal stress, and effectively prevent the traditional the pipe heat exchanger heat transfer tubes easily crack such phenomena.
4, Titanium Coaxial Heat Exchanger has compact structure, small and light
The threaded pipe heat exchanger heat transfer coefficient is very high, the required heat transfer area, and threaded pipe wall thickness is thin, threaded tube heat exchanger structure is compact, small and light.

It should be noted that the use of titanium tube heat exchanger question:
1, selected for specific situations. The titanium threaded pipe heat exchanger conditions, tube passes (titanium threaded pipe) and the shell (304 seamless steel pipe) pressure of about 30 to 40KG.

2, poor earthquake resistance of the titanium tube heat exchanger tube bundle, transportation and hoisting shall not be excessive collision.

3,Titanium Coaxial Heat Exchanger is running about 10 months should be shut down once easy to threaded pipe contraction recovery. The contraction of the threaded tube is also conducive to the peeling of the dirt.

Models of Titanium Coaxial Heat Exchanger for reference:


*Usually,1HP,1.5HP,2HP is round type,3HP,4HP,5HP,6HP is oval type, can be made according to your requirement.

(We can customize Titanium Coaxial Heat Exchanger according to your requirements)



Theory of Coaxial heat exchanger:

Coaxial heat exchanger has tube-in-tube and twisted inner tube designs. Rugged tube surface can maximize the overall heat trans

The resulting convoluted tube has increased heat transfer surface area per unit length yet still permits full flow of both water and refrigerant around its entire periphery for improved performance. Turbulence imparted by the convolutions to both the water and refrigerant flows further enhances the thermal performance, while inhibiting the accumulation of deposits on the surfaces. The net result is a highly effective, compact heat exchanger with superior anti-fouling characteristics.

Feature of Coaxial heat exchanger:

1, High efficiency heat transfer: Because of using titanium corrugated tube, the flow channel continuously mutation, so that it always in a highly turbulent although the fluid velocity is very low. It is very difficult to become a laminar flow, and the main resistance for convective heat had being overcome. Simultaneously, the heat transfer are enhanced. so it has high efficiency heat transfer, more than the titanium plain tubes in 2 to 3 times.

2, Anti-fouling ability: The particles in the fluid are difficult to forming in the high turbulence in the flow channel. However, even with a small amount of scale formation on the wall, the turbulence of medium in the pipe, which is strongly erosion anti-fouling ability. Furthermore, it changes the stress of the different temperature between the inner tube and the outer tube, and the curvature of the thread pipe which has elastic characteristics has been changed lightly. That is why the threaded tube heat exchanger has the ability of antifouling and descaling.

3, Strong stress compensation ability: Because of the characteristics of thin-walled, elastic and structural shape threaded pipe, the curvature was changed lightly when the large temperature difference the inner tube and the outer tube to compensate and eliminate the thermal stress. Consequently to prevent the traditional tube heat exchanger to cracking efficiently.

4, With compact structure, small and light: The heat transfer coefficient of the threaded pipe heat exchanger is very high, and the required heat transfer areas are little, also with the small wall thickness, so the titanium corrugated tube heat exchanger has compact structure, small size and light weight.


Package for  Coaxial condenser for marine

Package for Coaxial condenser for marine is very important.Bad package will break the product easily.Smartclima use quality wooden pallet and box to pack our condenser.You`ll get our condenser just like it stays in our factory.


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    Dear Sirs,We’re looking to buy Titanium Coaxial Heat Exchanger in the range of 1kw, to be used with saltwater (for Aquarium use)
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      Thank you.We can manufacture many types of Coaxial Condenser,for fresh water,or for sea/salty water,especially for marine HVAC system,we are very professional. Our salesman will contact you very soon.

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