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CNC Punching Services

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CNC Punching Services

Short Description: If you are looking for CNC Punching Services to custom/manufacture your products,maybe,we`ll be your best Choice.CNC Punching sheet metal(steel,stainless steel,copper,aluminium) work with CNC Punch tools and CNC Punch Presses,full description is “Computer numerically controlled (CNC) punching”,also named CNC turret punch,CNC stamping,High precision Punching,is a technology which automatically controlled by a CAD/CAM software with computer program.It features with full-automatic,high precision and suit for production with less quantity but many types and sizes.No need to invest on mold tool,save cost and save time.

Place of Origin: China, Service to worldwide customers.

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 Experienced products made with technology of CNC Punching Services

Features on CNC Punching Services:

  • Flexible on quantity,it doesn`t have requirement minimium order quantity;
  • cost-effective,no need to invest on mold tool,save cost and save time.
  • Better quality, automatically controlled by a CAD/CAM software with computer program,quality is better;

The following photos show you a SMALL PART of CNC Punching samples which we did ago.

Computer numerically controlled (CNC) punching CNC turret punch sheet metal cnc punching CNC-Punching-Steel-sheet CNC-stamping-metal-sheet CNC Punching Stainless Steel sheetsheet shell for home appliance Sheet Metal case and cabinets Sheet Metal cnc pressing

We provide service with precision CNC punching,focusing on small, large and heavy sheet metal components.

 General Knowledge on “CNC Punching Services”

CNC punching press is a short description of digitally controlled press,it is a process control system equipped with automated tools. The control system is capable of logically processing program control codes or other symbols having a predetermined instruction, and decoding, so that the punching operation and do machined parts.

CNC punch press operation and monitoring are all completed in the CNC unit, which is CNC punch brain. Compared with the general press, CNC punch press has the following characteristics:
● high precision, stable machining quality;
● processing, large size: one can complete 1.5m * 5m processing format;
● can be multi-axis linkage, can process complex shape parts do shearform etc;
● When machining parts change, generally only need to change the NC program can save production lead time;
● High precision punch itself, rigidity, choose the amount of favorable processing, high productivity;
● high degree of automation punch, can reduce labor intensity;

CNC punch press can be used for all types of sheet metal parts processing, you can pass a one-time auto-complete a variety of complex and shallow stretch forming, (according to the requirements of automatic processing of different pore sizes and pitch of different shapes can also be used with a small die-step Chong Chong way big hole, square hole, kidney-shaped holes and curved contours of various shapes, but also for special processing, such as blinds, light stretching, sink hole, flange holes, ribs, stamping, etc.) . Through a combination of simple mold, compared to conventional stamping, the cost of saving a lot of mold, you can use low-cost and short-cycle processing small batches, the diversification of products, with a large range of processing and processing capabilities to adapt to the market in a timely manner and product changes.

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