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CNC Bending Services

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CNC Bending Services,Sheet Metal CNC forming

Short Description: If you are looking for CNC Bending Services,Sheet Metal CNC forming Services to custom/manufacture metal products,maybe,we`ll be your best Choice.CNC Bending sheet metal(steel,stainless steel,copper,aluminium steet) work with CNC bending tools and CNC forming tools,also named High precision bending,is a technology which automatically controlled by a CAD/CAM software with computer program.It features with full-automatic,high precision and suit for production with less quantity but many types and sizes.No need to invest on mold tool,save cost and save time.

Place of Origin: China, Service to worldwide customers.

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 Experienced products made with technology of CNC Bending Services

Features on CNC Bending Services:

  • Flexible on quantity,it doesn`t have requirement minimium order quantity;
  • cost-effective,no need to invest on mold tool,save cost and save time.
  • Better quality, automatically controlled by a CAD/CAM software with computer program,quality is better;
  • Widly used for home appliance,device,electrical equipment;

The following photos show you a SMALL PART of CNC Bending samples which we did ago.

CNC turret punch sheet metal cnc punchingCNC Punching Stainless Steel sheet Sheet Metal case and cabinets Sheet Metal cnc pressing CNC-bending-sheet-metal CNC-Bengding-product CNC-forming-product CNC-bending-cabinet CNC-bending-shell CNC-forming-network CNC-sheetmetal-work

We provide service with precision CNC bending,focusing on small, large and heavy sheet metal components.

 How to operate a “CNC Bending Machine”

1. Strictly compliance with safety rules, according to the provisions Wear protective equipment.
2. Must be carefully checked before starting the motor, switches, wiring and grounding are normal and strong, inspection equipment for each control position, the button is a lag in the correct position.
3. Check the upper and lower mold of coincidence degree and robustness; check the positioning device meets the requirements to be processed.
4. When the slide and each positioning axis at the origin of the state were not running homing procedures.
5. After the device starts idling for 1-2 minutes on a skateboard full stroke motion 2-3 times, if there is an abnormal sound or failure should be immediately stopped, and troubleshooting, everything is normal before work.
6. Work should be a unified command people, so that operators and suppress feeding in close cooperation to ensure that staff are issued with bending signals are allowed in a safe location.
7. When the sheet metal bending must be compacted to prevent bending sheet tilt when hurt.
8. Palette must cut off the power feed die, were stopped after.
9. When changing the variable of the die opening, not allowed to have any contact with the die material.
10. When the work is not allowed to stand on the rear of the machine.
11. Do alone at one end of the pressure off the sheet.
12. Workpiece or die during the operation found errors, should be shut down correction, the correction is prohibited in operation by hand to prevent hand injury.
13. Prohibiting off-thick iron or steel quenched fire, high alloy steel, square steel and sheet metal bending machine performance over the sheet, in order to avoid damage to the machine.
14. Always check the coincidence degree lower mold; pressure gauge indicates whether compliance.
15. Exception occurs immediately shut down, check the cause and immediately removed.
16. Before shutting down, you want to put wood on the sides of the lower die cylinder below the upper slide down to the wood.
17. Exit control system program, after cutting off the power.

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Sheet Metal Fabrication procedures

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