Cleaning Technology Central air conditioning duct

Duct cleaning requirements for different pipe structure size, different materials and different dust types to take a different cleaning methods, use different cleaning equipment. During the cleaning test, there are relevant technical standards for the amount of residual dust, the amount of microbial residues and the concentration of particulate matter in the air. The correct use of cleaning methods can ensure efficient and efficient cleaning, so that both meet the cleaning requirements, the complete removal of pipeline facilities in the pollutants; but also safe collection, effective control of the environment, does not cause secondary pollution.
First, the duct cleaning method commonly used
1, the overall negative pressure type
The duct is divided into a number of operating sections, each length of not more than 30 meters, paragraph by paragraph for cleaning. For the working section only left and behind the two operating ports, the rest of the tuyere closed, and isolated from the other duct.
In the first operating port into the cleaning duct equipment, generally have the following three:
① Robot cleaning is a multi-function robot installed on the detection of photography, rotating brush, spray and other equipment to achieve the central air conditioning duct inspection, cleaning and disinfection, but the complex pipes and small pipes can not be robotic cleaning.
② soft shaft cleaning is through the flexible shaft drive rotating brush rotation, the pipe wall of the dust loose and stir up, and then use the air duct cleaning a special vacuum cleaner to absorb dust and pollutants.
③ Pneumatic cleaning is through 0.6MPa above the high pressure air will pipe wall dust stirring up, and then use the air duct cleaning a special vacuum cleaner to absorb dust and contaminants. In the tail operation port connected high-power vacuum cleaner, will be washed down the pollutants into the vacuum cleaner.
2, contact negative pressure type
The working section is determined by the radius of the cleaning equipment. Please do not separate the working section and the uncleaned air duct. The cleaning equipment comes with the suction head and the side of the dust pipe is cleaned.
3, local negative pressure type
This cleaning is the combination of the two cleaning methods, the use of their own negative pressure equipment, more than 0.5m radius of the air duct within the negative pressure to absorb the equipment from the disturbance of pollutants.
Dust after cleaning, should also be disinfected in order to kill bacteria and viruses. The method used is to spray disinfectants and use UV lamps, ozone generators and so on.
Second, the cleaning process
1, the central air-conditioning indoor air random sampling detection: the extraction of indoor air for analysis to determine the air quality.
2, the air duct for sampling: with the detection robot in the duct sampling to determine the degree of pollution.
3, to provide air pollution analysis report: whether there is a clear microbial air supply, ventilation system is visible dust particles into the room.
4, the development of cleaning program: analysis of the structure of ventilation pipes, according to the requirements of the development of detailed programs.
5, signed a central air conditioning cleaning contract: According to the analysis report and cleaning program, negotiate the price of cleaning and signed a contract.
6, the preparation of the work: all the need to use the duct cleaning equipment and construction personnel stationed in the scene.
7, on-site operation: with the cleaning robot to operate, the use of high-power dedicated pipe vacuum cleaner to collect pollutants
8, disinfection: the first physical disinfection of the pipeline, and then treated with ultraviolet light to avoid secondary pollution
9, cleaning effect test: visual inspection and weighing method to check the cleaning effect.
10, after cleaning the analysis report: After the completion of cleaning to provide an analysis report, the value and do before the comparison.
11, acceptance: According to “air conditioning and ventilation system cleaning specifications” to test the national standard to ensure that the quality of the project standards.
12, the scene to restore: the demolition of the outlet to re-install, adjust the amount of air out. ,
Third, cleaning the content
1, sterilization: by adding a bactericidal agent to the circulatory system, remove the circulating water in a variety of bacteria and algae.
2, slime stripping: adding stripping agent, the pipeline of biological slime peeling off, through the cycle will be washed out of mud.
3, chemical cleaning: adding chemical cleaning agent, dispersant, the pipeline system of floating rust, dirt, oil cleaning down, scattered discharge, reduced to a clean metal surface.
4, the surface pre-film: put into the pre-film agent, in the metal surface to form a dense polymer protective film, to play the role of anti-corrosion.
5, the daily maintenance: adding corrosion inhibitor, to avoid metal rust, while adding scale inhibitor, through the comprehensive role, to prevent calcium and magnesium ion crystal precipitation, and regular sampling, monitoring water quality.
Different sizes of duct cleaning methods are different. For less than 300mm pipe cleaning: the use of fast pneumatic cleaning device for cleaning, usually within 5min cleaning 30m pipe, including 200mm × 300mm rectangular pipe. Large-sized pipes use the robotic arm of the robot and install the corresponding size of the pneumatic brush for cleaning.
Different shapes of duct cleaning methods are different. The shape of the duct is rectangular, round, cleaning the robot should have the corresponding pneumatic engine with the corresponding brush for cleaning, rectangular engine work brush movement direction is vertical, circular pneumatic engine work brush movement direction is radial.
Different ways of duct cleaning methods are different. On the vertical tube, the use of pneumatic brush for cleaning, construction from top to bottom clean vertical pipe, the end of high-power vacuum cleaner filter dust, the general cleaning length of 30m, take measures to clean 60m. For the outlet, branch pipe, muffler, damper and other small parts, the use of single-operation soft shaft drive electric brush for a single cleaning.

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  1. Air cleaning and filtration removes particles, contaminants, vapors and gases from the air. The filtered and cleaned air then is used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Air cleaning and filtration should be taken in account when protecting our building environments. The starting point in carrying out an estimate both for cooling and heating depends on the exterior climate and interior specified conditions. However, before taking up the heat load calculation, it is necessary to find fresh air requirements for each area in detail, as pressurization is an important consideration.


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