Cleaning solution for Hotel and office building air duct


Cleaning solution for Hotel and office building air ductlCleaning solution for Hotel and office building air duct

At present, the most of hotels and office building air conditioning exits with the form of main layer with fresh air system and each room or office with installation of
fan coil, mainly exists in the form of  big fresh air pipe on the corridor, plus each room or office fan coil air duct.In order to meet the demand of each room fresh air, fresh air volume,required for each layer is relatively large, so the fresh air pipe section on the corridor are usually larger, are up to 400mm*250mm or more, and the room or office fan coil duct are flat, the general section is about 800mm*150mm.

Aiming at the Central Hotel and office building air-conditioning duct cleaning,recommend the following main equipment:
(1) the corridor on the fresh air pipe section are bigger, can use”Brontosaurus” standard cleaning robot with 4000m3/h or 8000m3/h collector, and the use of “dust cleaner for cleaning method”,can achieve twice the result with half the effort, is the air duct cleaning robot of the best applications.
(2) office room fan coil air duct are flat, the air duct cleaning robot has been limited, you can use various models of  flexible
machine (Tornado) equipped with tornado device adopts “direct suction method” can effectively solve this problem, the high efficiency of the fundamental not in the wind pipe process to open hole any, no damage to the wind pipe.

Suggested configuration:

Configuration A:

1, Standard automatic cleaning robot  Or Duct Cleaning Robot For Circular Pipe And Rectangle Duct

Air-Duct-Cleaning-Robot-GX-08-4+GX-08-1 Or 
2, Common Flexible-Shaft Air Duct Cleaner (Tornado Cleaning System)  Or Intelligent Flexible-Shaft Air Duct Cleaner (Intelligent Tornado Cleaning System)

Common Flexible-Shaft Air Duct Cleaner (Tornado Cleaning System) Or Intelligent Flexible-Shaft Air Duct Cleaner

3. 4000 m³ /h Vacuum Dust Collector Bucket


 Configuration B:

1,For rectangle,use  All-In-One Duct Cleaning Equipment With Video:

All-in-one Duct Cleaning Equipment with Video

2,For erect duct or for branch duct,use  all In One Air Duct Cleaning Equipments,With Function Of Cleaning And Suction,Without Video Monitor


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