Clamp for Ventilation Duct,G clamp for join vent duct flanges,for Rectangular Duct Connection System


It is air duct fitting,also named Air Duct Clamp,Duct Flange G Clamp, they are usually used on the duct flange profiles, Used in the field of HVAC and Refrigeration,for rectangle ductwork project and for joining rectangular air conditioning ducts.They are galvanized and sometimes made from stainless steel.Has types of 30mm,35mm,40mm .

Materials: Galvanized steel.

Type: G clamp type

Size/Dimension: VBT-25/30,VBT-35,VBT-40,etc.

  • Place of Origin: China
  • Sell to worldwide, Ship by air plane or by sea boat;

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Models and Details for “Clamp for Ventilation Duct,G clamp for join vent duct flanges,for Rectangular Duct Connection System ”

Clamp for Ventilation Duct,G clamp for join vent duct flanges,suitable for rectangular Duct Connection System plate flange air duct connection…
Product performance: It is used for the connection between the flanges of air ventilation duct, with fast speed connecting and high strength.
Instead of the traditional screw connection method between angle iron flanges

Material: Galvanized sheet


1. The interface accessories of the ventilation pipe play a stable role.

2. The surface has strong oxidation resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. 3. Simple operation and easy installation.

Type of VBT 25/30,35,40





More types:

1),Thickness 2.5mm, length 32mm, width 24mm, with 8x25mm screw bolt;

2),Thickness 3.0mm, length 32mm, width 23mm, with 8x25mm screw bolt;

Clamp for Ventilation Duct G clamp 2.5mm thickness

Clamp for Ventilation Duct G clamp 3.0mm thickness

Duct profile Flange G clamp is usually used to clamp Doby frames together on bigger ducts when the corner bolts alone is not enough.Always fits to rectangular air ducts- The clamps would be used spaced every 300mm to 500mm depending on duct pressure. A larger spacing may be used with larger profile frames.

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