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Item: Circular duct fan,duct inline fan

Short Description: Circular duct fan is a new designed fan for duct system. Inlet and outlet are standard duct design, both ends can be directly connected with the wind duct, it can greatly reduce the cost of pipeline design and production cost. The new design of the chassis and high efficiency centrifugal impeller design, as well as fans of high-performance pipeline consisting of external rotor motor, and easy installation. Suitable for a wide range of hotels, restaurants, auditoriums, conference rooms, supermarkets, railway stations, airports and other public places, air and exhaust.

Main function: exhaust or supply air in the duct

Size: connector diameter 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 160mm, 200mm, 250mm, 315mm.

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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 Circular duct fan,duct inline fan

  • This item is in conformity with CE, RoHS and ULus standards.
  • Ambinet temperature: between -10 Celsius degree (14 Fahrenheit degree) and 40 Celsius degree(104 Fahrenheit degree).
  • F insulation class motor.
  • Rotor is processed with the German Spinner CNC lathe.
  • Voltage:110-120V,60Hz or 220-240V,50/60Hz
  • Connector Specification: 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 160mm, 200mm, 250mm, 315mm.
  • Leather jacket(Opition):It is designed by our factory to lower the noise,and it also could be air proof and rust proof
  • Accessory: Fan mounted,plug and leather jacket.
  • Color:Black Ash,Black,Silver,White,Blue,Red Etc.
  • Motor:Class F motors with ball bearings,IP54 protection,Working temperature: -40℃.+60℃,Winding:100% Pure Copper.
  • Speed:Two-speed,three-speed and step stepless are available
  • Fan Blade:Steel sheet casing,External terminal board.Quick and easy to install
  • Finish: Anticorrosive finish in polyester resin, polymerized at 190℃,after nanotech and phosphate-free pre-treatment.


ModlelConnectorVoltageFrequencyCurrentInput PowerSpeedMax Air FlowCapacitorNoise

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  • The product is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or a small quantity,please consider freight into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Accept customized production;
  • More types of  Circular duct fan,duct inline fan are not displayed on the web.If the item above doesn`t meet your requirement,please contact us to email: ,we can supply a favourite item you need.
General Knowledge on “Circular duct fan,duct inline fan ”



Round duct fans on both sides can take as large pipes, while the other side into the wind out of the wind;
Direct vent pipe to trap after fixed fan;
If you use a hose clamp clamping, if it is a hard PVC pipe, use glass, plastic sealed;
If the vent pipe with a gap, you can use thick double-sided sponge foam sealant;
Hose on the market specifications 100,125,150,200…
Rigid PVC pipe on the market specifications 110,160,200,250,315…
110mm PVC pipe, an outer diameter of 110mm, an inner diameter close to 100mm, it is easier to take DJT10-25B
160mm PVC pipe, an outer diameter of 160mm, an inner diameter close to 150mm, it is easier to take DJT15-45B
160mm PVC pipe connected to the DJT16-45B fan, you need to install a PVC160 at each outlet pass-through connector, so connecting small gaps, fans with pipe connections will be completed only marked plastic glass
Ventilation effect:
Duct fans for pumping (send) wind and pipe pressurized pipeline connected to the front end, the end, or middle, the effect is the same. Suitable for installation at any angle, easy and convenient.
If the same type of fan two series in a pipeline running simultaneously, pressure can be increased by 1, the air volume can be increased by 30%.

Fan performance:



After the circular duct fan with wing-shaped inclined impeller, high-speed operation to maximize the hydrodynamics of gas, so energy efficiency is very high, up to 70%, meaning that a minimum of motor transport largest wind power, which is common forward centrifugal fan can not be achieved. Therefore, both energy and wind turbine piping. Ultra-high pressure can take tens of meters of piping centralized ventilation duct fans main characteristic is the big pressure.

Remind purchasers:

Before you buy a circular duct fans, please carefully view the fan mounting dimensions.
Because many customers plan the fan is mounted between the ceiling and the ceiling, please buyers in a certain size before buying space between the floor and ceiling, which is suitable for installation of a wind turbine. At least from the floor and ceiling of the space. Ceiling fans can be on the ceilings, or hanging on the wall. Fans can be placed outdoors, but we must guard against the rain. You can also choose according to Beem developed thin rectangular pipe fan.
If used for cleaning, must have protective measures to avoid the metal particles are sucked into the fan, broke impeller

When used in the kitchen range hood (hood do use):
Because small and high speed impeller blades, smoke will rapidly through the blades, long run down, only a small amount of smoke oil attachment, so the fan within two years without maintenance. Thereby reducing the number of tedious disassembly. When the kitchen smoke fumes, smoke fumes air mixture, the temperature does not exceed 60 degrees. Furthermore, within the frame of the outer rotor motor is substantially sealed, dust, fumes, etc. will not enter the inside of the motor, so the motor outside the box will not cause any impact to the gas bearing, coil and other components, thus lasting running, you can be assured .
Hoses can be used in 2035 to replace the lost, the case could open a paint rag paint, you can not touch the inner core, only a small amount of oil adhesion is a normal phenomenon, but also easy to break something.
Set fume hood role is to take away together on a local street tin project where one can knock
General hood pressure is not enough, if the tube is pulled anemometer more common flue no effect, you can install duct fans at the middle of the pipeline pressure, wind effects can be increased by 3 times….

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