Characteristics of hydraulic system for rolling mill

Are based on motor power of hydraulic system for rolling mill with a hydraulic pump mechanical energy into pressure to promote hydraulic oil. Change the hydraulic oil flow through control valves, thereby promoting hydraulic cylinders have a different tour, different directions of motion, the successful completion of various other equipment different action needed.
1, can be implemented in running a large range of stepless speed regulation.
2, under the same power output, hydraulic drive device of movement inertia is small, small volume, light weight, good dynamic performance.
3, the use of hydraulic transmission can achieve seamless transmission, smooth motion.
4, easy to realize the automatic work cycle and automatic overload protection.
5, because the oil is generally used as a transmission medium, so self-lubrication of hydraulic components and has a long service life.
Characteristics of rolling mill hydraulic system affects its use value, these bright spots to support it’s reliable, safe, effective operation.

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