Ceramic Fiber Paper



Ceramic Fiber Paper,Fire resistant,Anti Flame , Fireproof fiberg paper

Description: Ceramic fiber paper is with loose cotton as the main raw material, add a very small amount of inorganic or organic binders, wet forming process refined, its precision manufacturing techniques ensure uniform fiber proliferation and strictly control the thickness and density. High temperature, thermal shock resistance, chemical resistance, low thermal conductivity, high temperature insulation properties. Can hand carry, easy construction and suitable for deep processing.

Main features: Fire resistant,Anti Flame,Fireproof;high flexibility; high-strength anti-tear; low shot content; thermal erosion

Application: high temperature gasket; asbestos substitutes; car muffler, muffler exhaust pipe insulation; models lined decorative glass and jade crystal glass; furnace door and sealing expansion joints.

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Classification Temperature: 1260 ℃ long-term use temperature of 0-900 ℃, initial exposure to temperatures above 230 ℃ when, in addition to some inorganic, ceramic fiber paper generates a small amount of smoke and odor traces.


3 mm thickness, 61 cm wide,and length 20 m

5 mm thickness, 61 cm wide,and length 12 m

8mm thickness,61 cm wide,and  length 7 m

10 mm thickness,61cm wide and length of 6 m

Accept customized dimension.

Ceramic Fiber Paper-1 Ceramic Fiber Paper-2 Ceramic Fiber Paper-3

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  • Anthony

    I inquireing for a fire proof or or resistant paper on a roll that is easy to tear off when finished using it.
    Do you have anything like that. ?


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