Duct Air Conditioner Cleaning Equipments



For the air duct cleaning,there are usually three ways: Robot Cleaning,Machine Cleaning and Pneumatic Cleaning.

For the water pipe system cleaning,the procedures are always: Water Flushing–>Chemical Washing–>Pipe inner wall Cleaning–>Water Quality Maintenance

Models & Details for “Air Duct Cleaning Equipments”
  •  Air Duct Cleaning Equipments–Robot Cleaning:

Air Duct Detection Robot GX-08-2-small
Duct Detection Robot Model GX-08-2
Air Duct Detection Robot GX-08-2B-small
Duct Detection Robot Model: GX-08-2B
Dust Suction Robot with video function
Dust Shoveling Robot Model :GX-08-5B
Air-Duct-Whipping-Robot small
Air Duct Whipping Robot Model: GX-08-5C
Standard Cleaning Robot , Model : GX-08-4
Large Duct Cleaning Robot, Model: GX-08-4B
Air Duct Cleaning Robot-Height Adjustable small
Air Duct Cleaning Robot -Height Adjustable
Air Duct Spraying and sterilizing robot small
Air Duct Spraying and sterilizing robot
Air Duct Cleaning Micro Unit Equipment small
Air Duct Cleaning Micro Unit Equipment
Semi-automatic-Air-Duct-Cleaning-Equipment small
Semi-Automatic Air Duct Cleaning Equipment
Air-Duct-Ozone-Disinfection-Equipment small
Air Duct Ozone Disinfection
Air Duct Spraying and Sterilizing Pump small
Air Duct Spraying and Sterilizing Pump
Duct Detection Device Detect internal situation
Dust Collector Bucket Model A
Dust Collector Bucket Model B
  • Air Duct Cleaning Equipments–Hand Vibration Whip:

Wind knife and vibration whip air duct cleaner SMALL

  • Air Duct Cleaning Equipments–Machine Cleaning:

Flexible-Shaft Air Duct Cleaner small

  • Air Duct Cleaning Equipments–Pneumatic Cleaning:


  • All-in-one Air Duct Cleaning Equipments–Robot Cleaning + Pneumatic Cleaning:


Cleaning Equipments for “Water pipe system”

Chiller tube cleaning equipments


Cleaning Equipments for outdoor units of central air conditioner

Washing device for aluminium fins of condenser & evaporator



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