Ceiling mounted air conditioner air wing blades rotary air deflector


Supply Ceiling mounted air conditioner air wing blades 360° rotary air deflector,exported by China manufacturer.Anti-direct blowing fan,no power driven, noiseless automatic rotating fan blades driven by air blowing from ac outlet.

* Material: plastic fan + aluminium frame.
* Installation method: Very easy, just hange it under the grille of AC ceiling unit.
* Place of Origin: China;
* Sell to worldwide, Ship by air plane or by sea boat;

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Product parameters:

Single product packaging size: 52.5*14.5*9.5 cm
FCL quantity/size: 10pcs/box,
Size: 54*49*33cm
Full box weight: 10.08kg
Material: Aluminum tube + ABS
Applicable brands: Gree, Midea, Haier, Zhigao, Oaks, MikeWeier, TCL, LG and other major mainstream air-conditioning.
Applicable models: central air-conditioning (ceiling machine/ceiling machine).


1. Prevent direct air-conditioning from blowing, make people more comfortable, eliminate air-conditioning diseases, and make the office and healthier at home
2. The product itself is driven by 0 power consumption, natural wind feeling, and comfortable body feeling.
3. Speed up the air flow, rotate 360° to guide the wind, 50 square meters, after 2 minutes,you can feel the effect of air conditioning and cooling, which cools down in summer and heats up even more fast and even in winter.
4. Improve the efficiency of air conditioning,help user to save electricity and money.
5. Silent process, working silently, no noise

automatically rotating air diverter without power

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