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Smartclima can supply the following products and services:

  • Energy Efficient Heating, Cooling and Ventilation of Buildings
  • Renewable and High-Efficient Energy Sources
  • Advanced Heating, Cooling, Ventilation and Air- Conditioning Systems for Buildings
  • Complete parts & materials for air conditioner system,refrigeration system,ventilation project
  • Energy Efficient Domestic Hot Water Supply Systems
  • Sanitary Systems – Hygiene of Domestic Water Supply Systems, Efficient Use of Potable Water, Environmental Friendly Sewage Disposal
  • Advanced Technologies for Building Acoustics
  • Technologies for Intelligent Buildings
  • Quality of Indoor Environment
  • HVAC Best Practise Examples
  • Directive on Energy Performance of Buildings Implementation
  • Zero Energy Buildings
  • HVAC in Historical Buildings
  • Fire Safety of the Buildings
  • Renewable & solar energy development
  • Eco-friendly products study
  • Custom Sheet Metal Products,including Stamping,Bending,Deep Drawing,Laser Cutting,CNC Punching
  • Custom Metal Cabinet,Enclosure,Chassis,Box
  • Custom Metal Bracket,Support,Mount,Shelf
  • Custom Metal Tube Deforming,including Metal Tube Bending,Forming,Expanding,Metal Wire Forming
  • Metal Extrusion Fabrication,Extrude Metal Profile With Extrusion Maching
  • Custom Cold Forging Parts & Machinery Components,Metal Cold Forming,Metal Machining
  • Cold Forging,Cold Heading,Sheet Metal Drawing,Metal Impact Extruding,Metal Lathing,Metal machining
  • Die-Casting Fabrication,Aluminum Die Casting,Zinc Die Casting,Brass Castings,etc
  • Plastic Injection Molding Service,OEM Plastic Products,Fabricate Plastic Products
  • Rubber Molding Fabrication Service,Custom Rubber Products,OEM Rubber Parts
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