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Thermostat, according to the temperature change of the working environment, physical deformation inside the switch, resulting in some special effects, a series of automatic control components to turn on or off, or electronic components at different temperatures, Different principles of operating conditions provide temperature data to the circuit for the circuit to collect temperature data.There are Mechanical type and electronic type:
The mechanical type uses two layers of different thermal expansion coefficients to press together. When the temperature changes, his curvature changes. When bending to a certain degree, the circuit is turned on (or disconnected) to make the cooling (or heating) device.

The electronic type converts the temperature signal into an electric signal through a temperature sensing device such as a thermocouple or a platinum resistor, and controls the relay through a circuit such as a single chip microcomputer or a PLC to operate (or stop) the heating (or cooling) device.

There is also a mercury thermometer type, when the temperature is reached, there will be contacts and mercury connected.

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