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There are many refrigeration tool,such as:

1, vacuum pump
The primary tool for refrigeration is the vacuum pump, which is an essential tool in refrigeration maintenance. Since it is necessary to discharge the air in the system during cooling, vacuum pumping is required. The existence of a vacuum pump is to turn the system into a vacuum environment.
2, pressure gauge and three-way maintenance valve
Pressure gauges and three-way service valves are also two very important tools in refrigeration tools. The role of these two tools is to detect the problem of air conditioning.
These two tools are used for testing and are the most commonly used tools for refrigeration repairs.
3, tube expander
The expander is an instrument used for measurement and is also a widely used instrument. It monitors voltage and current, as well as resistance. It plays a vital role in the process of refrigeration maintenance, which is required for almost all refrigeration repairs.
4, welding equipment
Refrigeration repair is the need to use welding equipment, when the refrigeration fails, it may be damaged.
At this time, it may be necessary to replace parts or systems, so the compressor or other gate valve needs to be welded.
5, electronic halogen leak detector
The main function of the electronic halogen leak detector is to perform a precise inspection to see if the refrigeration system has a loophole. It is a high-precision leak detection device. Refrigeration repair tools are inseparable from this leak detection equipment.

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