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Main performance indexes of thermal insulation materials:

1. The thermal conductivity should be small: the thermal conductivity is a parameter of heat transfer capacity. The smaller the thermal conductivity, the better the thermal insulation performance. The unit is w / n1h. The thermal conductivity of common thermal insulation materials should be between 0.0210.12 or less.

2. The density should be light: the density is the mass per unit volume of thermal insulation material (kg / M). ) Density not only affects the quality of heating pipes and equipment, but also affects the cost of insulation materials. Therefore, the smaller the density, the better the insulation effect.

3. Less water absorption: water absorption refers to the mass ratio of thermal insulation materials in the state of full water. The thermal insulation materials are multiple l materials. When the moisture content, the thermal conductivity will rise sharply, the thermal insulation effect will be significantly reduced, and the density will also increase. The smaller the water absorption, the better.

4. High processability: processability refers to whether the pipe shell, plate, rolling blanket and composite pipe can be made, with good secondary processability and easy adhesion. Thermal insulation materials shall be convenient for construction.

5. Strong fire performance: due to the rapid development of modern high-rise buildings, the requirements for fire performance of building materials, especially thermal insulation materials, are more and more strict. The design specifications for HVAC clearly stipulate that the thermal insulation materials and their adhesives for ventilation and air conditioning systems should be non combustible materials or non combustible materials. Non combustible materials must be used for air duct thermal insulation materials within 2 meters on both sides of the firewall and deformation joint. The fire performance of thermal insulation materials generally refers to three indicators: non combustion performance, smoke density and toxicity quality number. The detection method generally determines the size of oxygen index.

6. The use temperature range should be large: the larger the use temperature range of thermal insulation materials, the wider the use.

7. The price should be cheap: the insulation material should try to reduce the cost and reduce the project cost on the premise of ensuring its performance and quality.

9. Good resistance to water vapor penetration: that is, water vapor is not easy to penetrate into the interior of thermal insulation materials, so as to play a role of moisture-proof and moisture-proof, and maintain the good performance of thermal insulation materials

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