Category: Custom & Manufacure In China

Smartclima can supply the following services:

Custom Metal Products,Customize&Fabricate To Manufacture Metal Parts
Custom Sheet Metal Products,including Stamping,Bending,Deep Drawing,Laser Cutting,CNC Punching
Custom Metal Cabinet,Enclosure,Chassis,Box
Custom Metal Bracket,Support,Mount,Shelf
Custom Metal Tube Deforming,including Metal Tube Bending,Forming,Expanding,Metal Wire Forming
Metal Extrusion Fabrication,Extrude Metal Profile With Extrusion Maching
Custom Cold Forging Parts & Machinery Components,Metal Cold Forming,Metal Machining
Cold Forging,Cold Heading,Sheet Metal Drawing,Metal Impact Extruding,Metal Lathing,Metal machining
Die-Casting Fabrication,Aluminum Die Casting,Zinc Die Casting,Brass Castings,etc
Plastic Injection Molding Service,OEM Plastic Products,Fabricate Plastic Products
Rubber Molding Fabrication Service,Custom Rubber Products,OEM Rubber Parts