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Summary: Air conditioner materials includes:

1. Air treatment equipment: It is a device that heats or cools the air, humidifies or dehumidifies, and purifies the air. It mainly includes combined air conditioning units, new air blowers, fan coils, air heat recovery devices, variable air volume end devices, and unit air conditioners. The combined air conditioning unit generally consists of a new return air mixing section, a filtering section, a cooling section, a heating section, a humidifying section, and a blowing section. The fan coil is mainly composed of a fan, a heat exchange coil and a filtering device. Variable air volume end devices are currently used in China in series and parallel fan power type and single air duct throttling type.

2. Air conditioning cold source and heat source: Commonly used heat sources generally include hot water, steam boilers, electric boilers, heat pump units, and electric heaters in series. The air conditioning cold source includes natural cold source and artificial cold source, and the natural cold source uses natural ice and low temperature deep well water to cool. At present, the commonly used cold source equipment includes two categories: electric compression type and lithium bromide absorption type refrigeration unit.

3. Auxiliary equipment for air-conditioning cold and heat source: including cooling tower, water pump, heat exchange device, thermal storage and cooling device, softened water device, water collector, purification device, filtration device, constant voltage regulator device, etc.

4. Air conditioning air system: consists of fan and air duct system. Fans include air supply, return air, and exhaust fans. Commonly used fans are centrifugal and axial. Century Star introduces air duct system including: ventilation duct (including soft air duct), various valve components (regulating valve, fire damper, muffler, static pressure box, filter, etc.), end air outlet, etc.

5. Air conditioning water system: consists of chilled water, condensed water, cooling water system piping, soft connection, various valve components (valves, electric valves, safety valves, filters, compensators, etc.), instrumentation and so on.

6. Control and adjustment devices: including pressure sensors, temperature sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, air quality sensors, flow sensors, actuators, etc.

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