Bronze welding wire for high strength steel



Item: Bronze welding wire for high strength steel

Short Description: Component: Al= 7.0-8.5%; Fe≤0.5%; Cu balance.
Description: S214 is an iron-free aluminum bronze wire, melting point of 1030-1040 ℃, It can withstand light load wear, seawater and corrosion of common acids.
Uses: Suitable for high strength steel,aluminum plate, marine propeller, slide, sliding surface and bearing surface surfacing and machinery manufacturing, chemical industry and shipbuilding industry in the gray cast iron welding and surfacing, corrosion-resistant aluminum bronze or yellow Copper welding.
Standard: GB / T9460-2008 Model: SCu6100A
Equivalent: AWS A5.7-84 Type: ERCuAl-Al


Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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