Brazing Rod Built-in Flux,to weld aluminium-aluminium,or copper-aluminium


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Brazing Rod Built-in Flux,flux-cored Brazing wire,Low-temperature Soldering Material

Brazing Rod Built-in Flux

Features & Advantages

1. Low temperature to high efficiency,will be easy to braze Al based material

2.  Flux cored. No extra flux requied when operationg, it’s much easy to brazing , also reduce waste. 

3.  Seamless surface.seamless surface can make the flux adequate distribution, avoid the flux leak out and damp the flux by water vapor

4.  Non special treatment after brazing

5- Unique surface treating.oxidation is one of the difficult problem for aluminum brazing, we use a special surface treating process which can brighten  the surface and reduce oxidation.

1),Cu-Al Brazing Rod Built-in Flux/Cu-Al flux-cored Brazing wire

It brings a new technology for Cu-Al brazing in refrigeration, air-condition and electrical apparatus industry. This type of material is very suitable for brazing copper plate (wire) to aluminum plate (wire).
Flux-cored wire XR-FC22S filled with the non-corrosive cesium based flux, applied for copper tube to aluminum tube in refrigerator & air-condition industry.

Brazing AlloyTypeCompositionMelting Range(℃)
Cu-Al Flux-Cored Brazing WireSC-FC0215Zn, Al, OthK-CsAlF4
SC-FC20Zn, Al, Oth
SC-FC22SZn, Al, Oth

Hot to use Cu-Al Brazing Rod Built-in Flux?

Suitable base metal:
Copper, Brass; Aluminum alloy: 1×××;2×××;3×××;4×××;6×××.
Brazing Tool: Torch
Gas: LPG + Oxygen, Acetylene + Oxygen, Propane + oxygen

Product application:
The products have been widely applied in the field of electrical, transformer, wire, refrigerators, air conditioners, metal. Copper and aluminum flux cored wire of the cutting-edge company with stable quality and excellent quality, the sales of the lead. The time of purchase,be sure to look VAPOGASFLUX “trademark.

Test result:
(1) Tensile test
The tensile strength of 75MPa, breaking with the aluminum tube side of the weld intact.

Cu-Al Brazing Rod Built-in Flux1

(2) hydrostatic test
Brass block at one end, to increase water pressure in the aluminum tubes at one end, the specimen under 18MPa pressure, to maintain3MIN specimen deformation, no cracks, no leaks.
Water pressure when added to 20 ~ 21MPa, pipeline leakage, rupture location on the aluminum tubes. Welds intact, does not leak.

Cu-Al Brazing Rod Built-in Flux2


2),Al-Al Brazing Rod Built-in Flux/Al-Al flux-cored Brazing wire

The demand of brazing aluminum and aluminum alloys is growing continuously. The melting point of pure aluminum is 660 ℃, while the melting point of the aluminum alloys which are added various alloying elements will be much lower than pure ones. The color does not change when aluminum alloy is heated to melting state, so it is difficult to determine the base metal temperature accurately and the base metal would be very easy to be overheated or burned.
Smartclima is committed to studying the brazing technology of aluminum for the market needs, we provide three categories of Al-Al brazing materials based on the welding temperatures: low temperature(380℃-420℃), intermediate temperature(490℃-510℃), high temperature(577℃-600℃). Two categories of the Al-Al welding material are for selections: the solid wire works with its flux(powder or paste), flux-cored wire. And the welding material can be made into various shapes, such as straight wire, circled wire, loop and slice.

①Excellent wettability and spreading ability;
②Excellent Anti-corrosion ability;
③Less heat needed and easy to operate than 4047 rod;
④Environment friendly and comply with RoSH;
⑤Non-corrosive flux, non- hygroscopic, and the post braze cleaning is not necessary.

SC-FC0315Al-12SiK-Cs-Al-F1,3,6 series aluminum manual brazingΦ1.6,Φ2.0
SC-FC0315ZAl-12SiK-Cs-Al-F1,3series aluminum manual and automatic brazing, especially applicable to braze air-conditioner heat exchanger tubeΦ1.6,Φ2.0
AlSi-12Al/Si 12575-610℃With FluxAutomatic distribution, CAB brazing

Product application:

Al-Al Brazing Rod Built-in Flux1

Al-Al Brazing Rod Built-in Flux2

 Straight-line automatic flame welder / evaporator elbow -3003 aluminum alloy

It is very simple to operate welding Brazing Rod Built-in Flux.Here,you can find Procedures to weld Brazing Rod Built-In Flux.


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    I need aluminium to aluminium Brazing Rod Built-in Flux about 26kgs .How much temperature does it need when do brazing? and how many days can you delivery?

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      I need about 5kg of cu al brazing rod. How long will it take to get to Nigeria and what is its price.

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