Brazing Flux Vaporizer

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Brazing Flux Vaporizer

Brazing Flux Vaporizer

Type XRHF-160M XRHF-160M-B XRHF-160D-C-B XRHF-375B XRHF-375
Fuel Gas Acetylene, LPG, Propane etc.
Application Automatic/Manual Brazing Automatic Brazing
Tank Volume 4L 12L
Max Gas Flow 3m3/h 15m3/h
Inlet Pressure 0.06Mpa 0.09Mpa
Outlet Pressure 0.05Mpa
Inlet Fitting 5/16hose
Outlet Fitting 5/16hose
Weight 16.9kg 15.5kg 16kg 44.2kg 41.5kg


Brazing Flux Vaporizer2

Type Flux Regulators Torch Pipe Flashback Check
Vaporizer Gas Oxygen  Arrestor Valve
FT11-M 160M-B 152F-80 152X-40 341TN VP-1 XRZF-03 XRZF-08
FT11-C 160C 152Y-15 241T

Brazing Flux Vaporizer set FT11-M is suitable for the propane/ natural gas/ LPG gas source.

Brazing Flux Vaporizer set11-C is suitable for the acetylene gas source.


Brazing Flux Vaporizer3



1.Using the technology of Japanese Industrial Research Institute
2.Vapour Tank adopts the high quality stainless steel, without pollution anddeterioration of the quality of long-term use of flux
3.Simple operation,the flange top and Vapour Tank yhe uniqueconnection method,make easy maintenance

Brazing Flux Vaporizer4


1.Using the technology of Japanese Industrial Research Institute
2.Using the PLC program control, simple operation, safe and stable

3.Continue to maintain the flux using a level, to ensure that theflow stability, and enhance the stability of production welding


Brazing Flux Vaporizer5

Flux vaporizer as the gas flux flame braze welding technology, the most important equipment is a gas flux (referred to as flux) in the form ofsteam added to the equipment in the gas (acetylene, liquefied petroleum gas, propane, etc.)replace the flame brazing process to manuallyadd the borax trouble greatly simplifies the brazing process. The flux of this process to add the form of uniform continued to add to thewelding parts welding torch burning flame manipulation flux fully cover not only increases the wettability of the solder, mobility, and reducethe generation of pores, improve welding seam strength, but also to prevent surface oxidation of the welding area is black, after weldingwithout pickling. In order to improve production efficiency, reduce production costs.

 Flux  vaporizer  is an application in the field of flame brazing equipment, its main function is the continuous uniform flux form of steamadded to the gas (acetylene, liquefied petroleum gas, propane, etc.), improve the quality of welding productssimplify the welding process,improve production efficiency.

Flux  vaporizer  suit

Flux  vaporizer  complete product suite is designed specifically for customers by cutting-edge company in the field of flux  vaporizer  safer,more convenient, more stable demand, mainly by the flux  vaporizer , pressure reducer, welding torch, special hose, specialspark arrestor, check valve and hose. The suite is divided into the FT11-M and FT11-C in two models, FT11-M is suitable for gas welding place forpropane, FT11-C suitable gas for acetylene welding place, the table 160M-B and 160C two flux  vaporizer  for recommended products othermodels of flux vaporizer according to the customer needs to select.


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