BPHE B3-095 brazed plate heat exchanger

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BPHE B3-095 brazed plate heat exchanger

BPHE B3-095 brazed plate heat exchanger Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger 7a

BPHE B3-095 brazed plate heat exchanger is the ideal choice for chillers, heat pumps, economizers, desuperheaters and can be used for numerous other applications. The heat exchanger is designed to combine high thermal efficiency with energy savings.
Capacity: 30 – 200 kW

Envelop thickness of fins A
(MM )


Volume of one-side passage(L)

Effective working area(M 2 )






Optional connections of Model B3-095

Type of connections

Model of connections

Screwless welded connection

H407/ H410/ H411/ H413/ 414/ H415/ H520/ H521/D116/D428/D432/D442

Taper male thread connection


Straight male thread connection


Taper female thread connection


Straight female thread connection

N404/N406/N410/N512/ N514/ N520

Clipped connection


Flanged connection

DN54 single flange/ DN54 double flanges

Refer to the list of connections for detailed dimensions


Parameters of Model B3-095

Working area per plate

0.095(m 2 )

Designed pressure




Testing pressure




Working temperature

-160 BPHE B3-095 brazed plate heat exchanger 1 to 200 BPHE B3-095 brazed plate heat exchanger 3

Max flowrate of water side

45 m 3 /h

Max plate assembly

150 PCS

Type of plate passage

D, X, H

Plate material

Stainless steel 304, 316L

Mounting opinion

Bolts, Footing, Temperature


Heat pumps, central air-conditioning, waste heat reclaim, refrigeration equipment, industrial water coolers, oil coolers, etc.
TypeNo. of plates

Conn. type

Conn. size Q1/Q2 [in]Thread Q1/Q2
Conn. type
Conn. size
Q3/Q4 [in]
PHE B3-09544G2ExternalSolder, ODF2 1/8 in
PHE B3-09550G2ExternalSolder, ODF2 1/8 in
PHE B3-09560G2ExternalSolder, ODF2 1/8 in
PHE B3-09570G2ExternalSolder, ODF2 1/8 in
PHE B3-09580G2ExternalSolder, ODF2 1/8 in
PHE B3-09590G2ExternalSolder, ODF2 1/8 in
PHE B3-095100G2ExternalSolder, ODF2 1/8 in
PHE B3-095110G2ExternalSolder, ODF2 1/8 in
PHE B3-095120G2ExternalSolder, ODF2 1/8 in
PHE B3-095130G2ExternalSolder, ODF2 1/8 in
Brazed heat exchanger technology description
The Brazed heat exchanger is one of the most effective methods to transmit heat between the medium. The whole set of Brazed heat exchanger is composed by the ripple channel board, they combine together to form the complex Brazed heat exchanger channel. The cold and hot media assignment is completed through these channels. The cold and hot media is separated in both sides of the corrugated sheet, close as far as possible but not mixing; When they flow shoulder to shoulder, the quantity of heat is transmitted from one medium to another medium. The product concept based on modular as well as the parts that definitely can be customized, we always can find the most suitable solution for the application of each kind of heat exchanger.Brazed heat exchanger structure principle
The Brazed heat exchanger on the whole is composed of a group of corrugated pipeline board between front and back baffles. The baffle groupware of Brazed heat exchanger is composed of seal board, seal ring and baffles. The Brazed heat exchanger connector type can be customized according to specific request of the market and the application domain. In the vacuum Brazed process, each contact point between the slab and the filling material (braze welding solder) can form a weld point. Using such a design, it can make the heat exchanger which is composed of two different channels or the return route. The seal board is used in the crevice between seal baffle and the first and last channel board. The quantity of baffles is decided by the type, size and pressure rank and so on. Some are loaded with the seal ring, used in the crevice between the sealing channel board and the baffle. Some seal rings and the baffle as well as the first or the last channel boards combine a whole.Brazed heat exchanger passage type
In a Brazed heat exchanger, the slab number usually reaches several dozens pieces. The liquid flow of Brazed heat exchanger between boards can be combined neatly according to the concrete service condition. Generally there are all kinds of combination of single-flow and multi-flow. If both sides medium are even single-flow, it is available to make one side medium as the single-flow and the other side medium as the double-flow, and also both sides medium as the different multi-flow combination. The standard combination of Halley Brazed heat exchanger is that both hot and cold sides are single-flow, and can be customized to be multi-flow heat exchanger as per the customer request.

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