Bigfoot support system

Bigfoot support system

We can supply Bigfoot support system.The system is a special framework which is usually to mount or support any device or equipment onto the flat ground.They are ideal used for mounting  * Split or VRV air conditioner system * Small condensers external * Ventilation units mounting * Central air conditioner outdoor unit.The height can be adjusted.

 The system is composed by bigfoot mounting pad,steel beam and fixing kits.All steel components are processed with hot dip galvanized.The bigfoot mounting pad are made from nylon which is anti-ultraviolet rays,and the bottom are equiped with rubber pad to become anti-vibration and anti-sliding.

The advantage of Bigfoot Support Systems
*Convenient installation,lowest installation cost.Quick and easy installation reduces the manual cost and time;
*The support system is safe, secure and simple to operate.It can be installed in all weathers condition.
*Enjoy D.I.Y.As it is top easy to install,so,you can do it yourself.
*Non-penetrative, long-life service time.
*Improved roof or ground aesthetics with good designing,engineered solutions which are robust and repeatable
*To apply for different sized units, you can adjust the framework`s width and length , so you may create your own bespoke system.

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