Big Size Flat Heat Exchanger

Big Size Flat Heat Exchanger–Double sides are flat

Very high effience for heat exchange,more than any exchanger at present market.

Made from micro multi-port aluminium panel and aluminium pipe as inlet and outlet.

Work for refrigeration system R134a,R22,R410a…… It can flat-put on the target-product`s surface to absorb/release energy(heat or cool).

Wide Max.: 750mm.

Length Max.: 3000mm.

Big Size Flat Heat Exchanger

It is composed with multi-conndenser plate and pipe of inlet & outlet.

High Efficient Condenser Plate

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Enquiries or Reviews

  1. Parveen Sharma

    Dear sir

    please let me know weather you have micro tube with required specification or not,

    Specification are as under
    width 30 x thick 1.7 x number of port 16 x length 638 MM.

    Note :- All dimension in mm.

  2. Hein Enneking

    Please send us your price for your Big Size Flat Heat Exchanger–Double sides are flat:
    – indicative pricing
    – qty. 500 pcs. month
    – Exchanger size: 900 x 800(mm); size 900 x 700(mm) and 900 x 900(mm)
    – Multicondener tube width: max. 20(mm)
    – Distance between Multiconser tubes: minimal 4(mm)

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