Belt Clip For Water Bottle


Supply Belt Clip For Water Bottle,exported by China manufacturer.These clips are always used in outdoor camping hiking mountaineering or traveling.It is a small but super convenient and practical in climbing, traveling, fishing, hiking, outing, exploring, walking or other activities.

Color:black,red,yellow or green (see picture).
Material:Nylon, Plastic, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Item Weight 0.05 Pounds
Closure Type Buckle

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Product Description:

Constructed from durable Nylon webbing strap with a hook & loop closure, this water bottle buckle clip is designed for convenience. Compatible with soda bottles and larger lidded bottles, it is essential to verify bottle sizes before purchase.

Featuring a plastic buckle and ring, the clip has an inner ring diameter of approximately 1.06″ (27mm) with an adjustable opening that effortlessly fits over the neck of C’estbon bottles. Simply pull open to accommodate the bottle neck and then secure the clip in place.

These bottle holders offer a secure way to attach water bottles or similar items to your bike, motorcycle, camping backpack, or any other location of your choosing.

Perfect for a range of outdoor activities such as climbing, traveling, fishing, hiking, exploring, or walking, this compact accessory is incredibly convenient and practical.
Enhanced with a robust velcro nylon tie, you can effortlessly attach or detach the key ring to customize the holder’s functionality for your travels.


clip to your belt to hange your water bottle in travelling

this clip fits for most of water buttle in market

a man is clipping water bottle to the his belt

belt clip for water bottle with black red yellow or green colors

size of water bottle belt clip


Sturdy and compatible with standard belts, tactical belts, or backpacks.
Versatile and perfect for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, or shooting.
Simple to open with support for belts up to 5cm wide.


Type: Webbing Buckle
Material: plastic ABS and fabrica Nylon
Color: Black,Red,Yellow or Green
Size: 145x25x10mm
Weight: 21g
Support Weight : 10kg

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