Automatic Pressure Control Switch For Pressure Boosting Water Pump


SellAutomatic Pressure Control Switch For Pressure Boosting Water Pump, with 1/4″female thread and 3/8″female thread.Mainly used for various brands of automatic booster pumps. It can also be used for retrofitting of non-automatic water pumps.

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Models and Details for “Automatic Pressure Control Switch For Pressure Boosting Water Pump ”

Pressure and thread options:

0.8-1.6kg (1/4“ male thread)
0.8-1.6kg (3/8“ female thread)
1.0-1.8kg (1/4“ male thread)
1.0-1.8kg (3/8“ female thread)
1.5-2.2kg (1/4“ male thread)
1.5-2.2kg (3/8“ female thread)
1.8-2.6kg (1/4“ male thread)
1.8-2.6kg (3/8“ female thread)
2.2-3.0kg (1/4“ male thread)
2.2-3.0kg (3/8“ female thread)
2.5-3.3kg (1/4“ male thread)
2.5-3.3kg (3/8“ female thread)
2.6-3.5kg (3/8“ female thread)


Automatic Pressure Control Switch with 1/4" male thread

Automatic Pressure Control Switch with 3/8"female thread

Silver-plated contact and pressure adjustabl

After the copper sheet is pressed to separate the contacts, it can be seen that the four contact surfaces are all white silver surfaces. That is, the genuine double contact pressure switch

Automatic Pressure Control Switch Pressure regulating method

Voltage regulation guide: It is recommended to cut off the power supply and remove the plastic cover. The pressure is increased to “+” (counterclockwise), and the pressure is reduced to “-” (clockwise)


Product introduction: This pressure switch is suitable for cold and hot water automatic self-priming pumps, household booster pumps, pipeline pumps and other water pumps. It can automatically control the start and stop of the water pump. It is easy to operate, has stable performance, protects the machine, and saves power consumption. Wait. Select according to the required pressure.

Technical parameters: Rated voltage: 220V (allowable error ±10%) Rated current: 16A

Thread classification:

Outer wire: 2 points outer wire ( 1/4), diameter 12.5mm (national general thread)

Inner wire: 3 points inner wire (3/8), diameter 15mm (national general thread)

Annotation Description:

For example (1.5-2.2kg): The technical explanation is that when the water pressure is 1.5kg, the water pump starts, and the water pump stops when the water pressure is 2.2kg.

If you don’t know how to buy a suitable pressure switch, here are two methods for you:

1. Check the label on the original pressure switch or the parameters of the water pump, and the column of the pressure switch indicates xx kg – xx kg;

2. Please contact me, I will help you choose, tell me the brand and model of the machine, the power and the highest lift.

Pressure range: (pressure matching model)

1.0~1.8kg (suitable for 125W)

1.5~2.2kg (suitable for 250W 300W 370W)

1.8~2.6kg (suitable for 550W)

2.2~3.0kg (suitable for 550W 750W)

2.5 ~ 3.3kg (for 750W)

Product use: The switch is suitable for automatic cold and hot water self-priming booster pumps of major brands at home and abroad, and for elbows with internal and external threads.
(South Korea Hanyi, Germany Weile, South Korea LG water pump, Taiwan Hualux, Taizhou Hanjin, Liaoning Haicheng Sanyu, Zhejiang New Territories, Leo water pump, Fujian Yinxiang, Shaoxing Snowflake, Shanghai Xinxishan, etc.)
Product material:

1. The bottom of the switch is made of zinc alloy material. The low-quality products with cheap market price are made of plastic material. The zinc alloy material is durable, anti-corrosion, and can withstand high pressure without water seepage and leakage.

2. Using silver material double-contact clutch, (the contact is 15-face contact point is more stable than single-point contact), to ensure the strength of the switch, the quality is stable and reliable, the service life is long, and frequent start-up is avoided!

Adjustment operation:

(Turn off the power first) Remove the screws on the plastic cover with a screwdriver, increase the pressure to “+”, and decrease the pressure to “-“

Pressure regulation:

1. Turn on the faucet and frequent start-up phenomenon occurs, increase the pressure, and adjust the knob to the plus sign for 1-3 turns.

2. Turn off the faucet and the water pump does not stop, reduce the pressure, and adjust the knob to the minus sign for 1-3 turns.

(There are many reasons for the non-stop, which are roughly classified as follows: damage to the switch, poor sealing of the check valve, pressure backflow, pressure leakage caused by water leakage in the pipeline, insufficient pressure caused by wear of the pump impeller).

How to choose “Automatic Pressure Control Switch For Pressure Boosting Water Pump” 

how to select Automatic Pressure Control Switch

 How to purchase “Automatic Pressure Control Switch For Pressure Boosting Water Pump”

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General Knowledge on “Automatic Pressure Control Switch For Pressure Boosting Water Pump

The working principle of the pressure switch

The pressure switch is a normally closed switch. The pressure switch has a start and stop value. For example, the model of the switch is 1.5-2.2kg, which means that when the pressure in the pipeline is lower than 1.5kg, the switch contacts are closed. Power on, the load works; when the pressure in the pipeline is higher than 2.2kg, the contact of the switch is disconnected, and the load stops working. The load is generally a water pump, but it can also load contactors, relays and other equipment. The parameters of this pressure switch are: 220V10A, can also be used for low-voltage equipment, the maximum current should not exceed 15A, the maximum pressure support range is 1.3kg to 3.5kg, it is not recommended to use beyond this range, you can consult customer service to choose other pressure switches.

Installation and wiring installation:

1. Turn off the water and power off, turn on the faucet to release the water pressure to prevent water from spraying out
2. Remove the two wires of the pressure switch, and unscrew the old pressure switch counterclockwise to the left
3. Tighten it clockwise to the right New pressure switch, just connect the wires. Wiring: The wiring is not divided into positive and negative, and it can be connected one-to-one according to the original.

Problem and how to solve:

Problem 1: During installation, it keeps running without water.

Reason: The pressure value of the switch is too large or the booster pressure of the water pump is reduced.

Solutions: 1. The water pressure is normal, and the pressure of the switch can be adjusted appropriately; If it was too big in the past, first turn down the switch pressure. If it still doesn’t work, check the impeller of the water pump or the seal of the water inlet pipe of the water pump.

Problem 2: During installation, it has been intermittently started and stopped repeatedly or da da da da without water.

Reason: the pipeline cannot keep pressure;

Solutions: 1. Check the outlet pipe and all joints, check the position of the pump head to see if there is any water leakage or seepage. If there is, reseal it to solve it;

2. If there is no water leakage, the check valve of the pump is not good. Clean the check valve. If it is not enough, you need to replace or install a separate check valve.

Problem 3: After installation, open the faucet, the water pump does not start, but there is a humming sound.

Reason: The water pump is stuck, the capacitor or the coil has a problem.

Solution: 1. First turn the motor shaft of the water pump, and then turn on the power;

2. When the motor shaft is not stuck, it is recommended to replace the capacitor to eliminate it;

3. Repair the motor coil.

Problem 4: After installation, turn on the faucet, the water pump does not start, and there is no any movement:

Reason: the socket is out of power, the wire head is loose, or the switch pressure value is small.

Solution: 1, assure to connect well; 2. Adjust the pressure value of the switch appropriately.

Problem 5: Install, turn on the faucet, the water is one large and one small, the water pump starts and stops for a while.

Reason: Use small water, the tank is empty or the pressure value of the switch is small.

Solution: 1. Try not to use small water; 2 Check Tank, see if there is gas, if the tank is broken, it needs to be replaced ; 3. Adjust the switch pressure value appropriately.

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