Auto defrost freeze removal thermostat

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Auto defrost freeze removal thermostat

Auto defrost freeze removal thermostat


Refrigerator defrost Thermostat for removing frost and for protecting the frozen rupture in cold storage or freezing systems
  1. Easy to install in small or narrow spaces due to slim shape
  2. Small size with high contacting capacitance
  3. Available waterproof and dust proof types with welded vinyl tubes
  4. Any custom requriement on the caps, brackets or contacts are acceptable
Electrical Ratings:     AC125V 15A 5A; AC250V 10A 5A 16A
ON/OFF Temperature: -30°C~80°C(-22°F~176°F)
ON/OFF Diff:        Min 5°C; Standard 15~25°C
Tolerance:           Min±3°C; Standard±5°C
NOTE: If those shown are not acceptable, Please contact us to discuss specific requirement.
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