Common malfunctions and their elimination methods of air conditioning

Frequently asked questions 1,In what conditioner the air conditioning system will turn? Answer:  the air conditioning system will work in not all conditions, it must meet the following three conditions: 1. the engine is in the running state. 2. the ambient temperature is higher than 5 degrees Celsius (note that temperature is the temperature at … Read more

How to clean air conditioner?

Do you want to clean air conditioner DIY?Maybe,you feel it is too diffcult. But in fact,it is not hard! Now,let me teach you how to clean.Prepare for the following tools and cleaning agents. Cleaning Tools Air Conditioner Cleaning Equipment or machine, toolbox, steam shower washing machine, watering can, scraping, fin comb, lighting, blade, wipes, water bags, … Read more

The problem of Air conditioner bracket overage “service”

Yesterday, I arrived at the shengli Street in a residential area, in a residential building staircases, hanging 30 outside air conditioning machines, these machines are at the bottom A/C bracket. Author notes, some air conditioning outside brackets have different degrees of aging, stents have rusted, see how it used to be. Subsequently, the author visited … Read more

Air-source heat pump water heater working principle and characteristics

Air source heat pumps gas water heaters, electric water heaters and water heaters are the second generation of solar water heater hot water units, is to replace the boiler heating water equipment. Air source heat pump water heater is the comprehensive advantages of electric water heater and solar water heater safety energy saving and environmentally … Read more

Air conditioning hot and cold water system design and configuration

With the rapid development of China’s iron and steel industry, central air conditioning system in steel plant has been widely used, central air condition relative to the split air conditioner has the following advantages: ① Central air conditioning operation management flexibility, and running costs than split air conditioners, central air conditioning refrigeration station can directly … Read more

Household central air conditioning and hot water

We know household central air conditioning is by refrigerant in the refrigeration took indoor heat released into the outdoors, when in heating indoor outdoor heat absorption. During this process will generate heat losses, so can these heat recovery use? This is for sure. Many brands of air conditioning manufacturers are aware of the problem, and … Read more

Refrigerator defrost circuit troubleshooting

Here is indirect-cool refrigerator circuit fully automated creams. 1, symptom: refrigerator refrigeration sometimes correctly, sometimes not cooling properly, or even cooling difficulties, compressor running constantly for a long time. If refrigerator is stopped for a few days, longer and normal. This is due to problems with defrost circuit, evaporator not defrost properly, when the evaporator … Read more

Application of energy-saving of central air conditioning in the Villa decoration

Home improvement have become increasingly demanding in today’s society, especially decoration of luxury villas. In the application of energy-saving central air-conditioning in Villa decoration, ground-source heat pump for its energy-saving, environmentally friendly, comfortable and practical advantages in recent years are starting to prevail, as Wo Fu of which have been outstanding ground-source heat pumps are … Read more

Considerations for using electric floor heating for the first time

Considerations for electrical floor heating user, when you first run the electric floor heating system, cannot suddenly heats up, otherwise it may damage the floor heating system heating body and the floor surface. The heating cable heating system, for example, when you first start the heating cable system to preheat the day, gradually increases in temperature, … Read more