Armaflex Sheet and Roll Insulation with glue

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Armaflex Sheet and Roll Insulation with glue

Armaflex Sheet and Roll Insulation with glue1 Armaflex Sheet and Roll Insulation with glue2

Specifications:Armaflex Sheet and Roll Insulation with glue:
1) Width:200,300,500,600mm,1000mm and more width.One side is with self-adhesive foil.
2) B1 ,B2 Grade 0 or B1 rubber foam floor matting.It is made from the nitrile -butadiene rubber (NBR) and polyvinyl chloride(PVC) as main raw material and other high quality auxiliary materials through foaming.

Owing to its excellent general properities the roll insulation has found wide application in construction,light and textile,pharmaceutical,chemical,metallurgy and shipbuilding industry etc.the roll is largely used on the water and refrigerant tubing of air conditioning system fro cool presercvation and heat preservation,which has obtiained ideal result of application.

Low conducvity factor
Closed pore foaming
Good fire-blocking
Beatiful look,easy to install.

Size for sheet:
grade 0, B1 and B2,
thickness from 3mm to 30mm,
width 1200mm or 1000mm,
length can be customer-made
flexible elastomeric thermal insulation black foam rubber sheets armaflex substitue
flexible elastomeric thermal insulation and nbr pvc nitrile rubbers armaflex substitue

We have different thickness.Your customized dimension is accepted.Send us your inquiry,we`ll reply you very soon.

Roll Insulation Application:

The product is especially suitable for the business center or casino ktv, disco, dance studio, gymnasium, family floor flooring floors ground floor insulation and cushioning.
Noise damping pad Product features:
On crash with a particularly good sound blocking effect over the entire frequency range, can most effectively isolate the impact of noise and airborne noise. This foam is a high-density foam, the perforation rate, aperture, etc. are made with a special design, can do noise, vibration, water, mold, suitable for a variety of wet environments. Is a green, life of more than 30 years. Construction is simple, when you install a knife, cut cut, no other tools

Soundproof insulation cushioning principle:
1, impact sound insulation
By elastic nano-bubble formation so that the whole floor floating building structure, cut off the solid audio effects. And improved upper fit ground effect, enhancing the acoustic impedance of the power. Nano-tiny holes through the foam ear-sensitive frequency bands makes acoustic energy generated cavity resonance, weaken the energy of the sound, to reach isolated percussion purposes.

2, the airborne sound insulation
By nano-bubble cavity resonance effect to change the frequency of the sound transmission, reducing the number of reflections, to cut off the air sound purposes.
Soundproof insulation cushioning effect:
The product is 14cm laying on the concrete floor, wiping 4cm thick layer of cement, and sound insulation tiles read as follows:
Rw (C; Ctr) 55 (-1; -3) dBISO 717-1 (air sound)
Ln, w (Ci) 48 (-1) dBISO717-2 (percussion)
Noise damping pad installation methods:
1, smooth, clean surface, install the product according to the desired size before cutting.
2, the foam laid on the floor, the need to align the seams and sealed with tape.
3, to avoid air bubbles between the product and the ground.
4, after Puwan the product, immediately covered with cement and tiles.

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  • TommyKay

    I set up some insulation product (R19-roll from home depot) on my garage’s ceiling. People say that product is dangerous, when setting up one needs cover one’s nose and mouth to avoid inhaling the material (fiber glass I believe). Now I’m wondering if that’s the case, why would I install it on the garage ceiling because I’ll be breath in the things whenever I’m in the garage. Am I expect to board it up?


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