2 in 1 & 3 in 1 air conditioner cleaning tool kit

Seperated  type Air Conditioner Cleaning And Sterilizing Machine

2 in 1 & 3 in 1 air conditioner cleaning tool kit

Brief Description: Cleaning air conditioner,Coil Disinfectant,and remove bad odor.It is a machine hybrid to build in the function of high pressure cleaning and Ozone sterilizing into an unit tool box.
In the part of high pressure cleaning,it produce 0.9Mpa high pressure water to flush coil,filter and plastic part to remove all dirty dust on the fins.
After cleaning coil with High pressure function,you can use sterilizing function.It utilize ozone technology to get the result of 100% sterilizing effect. When an air conditioner works long years,there will be much virus on the fins,the solution is to use an ozone sterilizing treatment machine.Let you have a clean and healthy air conditioner system.

Best Feature:Hybrid to build the function of high pressure cleaning and Ozone sterilizing into an tool box to get the best cleaning purpose for air conditioner.

Manufacturer: Smartclima Co.,Ltd. ;  مكان المنشأ: China , Sell to worldwide.

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2 in 1,High-pressure cleaner+ Sterilizing,Model B:  Seperated  type  (SCCS-04B)

Seperated  type Air Conditioner Cleaning And Sterilizing Machine

Splited  type Air Conditioner Cleaning And Sterilizing Machine

Seperated type, Sterilizer is seperated with high-pressure washing cleaner.

good looking for your ac service working

Why developes “Seperated type”? In most cleaning project,you always need to clean and sterilize more than one unit AC. If you use “Seperated type”,you can use Sterilizer to sterlize onto the washed air conditioner,and at the same time,you can use Washing Cleaner to clean the other AC. Therefore,it can help you to save working time,about save 50% working time.

3 in 1,High-pressure Cleaner+ Steam Cleaner+Sterilizing,Seperated  type

3 in 1 air conditioner cleaning tool kit 3 in 1 ac service tool kit Seperated tool box Design of seperated type high pressure cleaner,steam cleaner and sterilizer

Details for “Air Conditioner Cleaning And Sterilizing Machine”

Advantage :

√ A good service kit for air conditioner cleaning and sterilizing;
√ Light weight for easy taking;
√ Type: Hand carry;
√ Quick open and work effectively,quickly arrange pipes into the tool box.
√ High pressure.Water pressure reachs 0.9Mpa,enougth to do with air conditioner cleaning;
√ 500mg/h ozone producing to give coil good sterilizing effect;
√ Can work in continuous time.
√ With radiator hole at the bottom of box,keeps good air circulation for motor in tool box;
√ Professional design and nice looking.A must-have tool kit for AC maintenance service company,Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractors & HVAC Service Contracts;
√ Can put your logo or company information onto the box.
√ Help AC system to save energy by 15%  after cleaning AC system.

Feature of high-pressure cleaning and Sterilizer:

  • Input Voltage Range from 110V or 220V(Optional);
  • Cleaning machine Output working voltage: DC12V.
  • Cleaning machine Power:80W;
  • Sterilizing Power:10W;
  • Water Flow(Max): 5.5L/min.
  • Pressure(Max): 0.9Mpa.(Pressure can be adjusted);
  • Water Inlet pipe: 135cm;
  • Water Outlet pipe: 900cm;
  • Sterilizing pipe length: 250cm;
  • 1000mg/h ozone producing,no pollute to atmosphere;
  • Machine box size:35X26X25cm;
  • Weight:4.9kg;
  • Comes with sterilizing cover;
  • Can do with cleaning A/C indoor unit and outdoor unit;

Performance and Parameter for steam cleaner:

Voltage: 220-240V,50Hz-60Hz;
Steam flow: 200-500ml/min;
Steam Pressure: 75Psi
Thermostat: 100℃
Steam outpipe: 2.2meter long;

radiation fan and cooling systemFilters and Plug

Special design for flush washing and brush cleaning together

Special design for coil flush washing and brush cleaning together.Water sparks baffle can remove the phenomenon of water sparks jump onto ground.

Universal direction spraying rod

Universal direction flexible spraying rod,Bend to any shape and any direction,easy for you to clean any part of air conditioner.

How to clean air conditioner unit with this machine?
Operation Manual for Washing Function:
1.Insert power socket;Press red button to switch on the equipment; Then swicth on the Cleaning Pressure button until to get good water pressure to flush and wash air conditioner coil;
2.After cleaning,drain out the water in the pipe; Switch off;
3.Arrange the pipe and gun into the machine box;
4.Notice to keep dry in the machine box.
How to sterilize to air conditioner unit with this machine?

Operation Manual For Sterilizing Function:
1.Cover A/C indoor unit and insert the sterilizing pipe;
2.Switch on “Sterilizing On/Off”;
3. When sterilizing,leave the room please;
4. After sterilizing,open door and window for ventilating.

how to use Air Conditioner Cleaning And Sterilizing Machine

Buying Guide to “Air Conditioner Cleaning And Sterilizing Machine”
  • The machine listed above is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or a small quantity,please consider freight into the cost;
  • تقبل بالجملة مع حاوية التسليم ؛
  • Contact [email protected] for more details and prices.

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