Application of energy-saving of central air conditioning in the Villa decoration

Home improvement have become increasingly demanding in today’s society, especially decoration of luxury villas. In the application of energy-saving central air-conditioning in Villa decoration, ground-source heat pump for its energy-saving, environmentally friendly, comfortable and practical advantages in recent years are starting to prevail, as Wo Fu of which have been outstanding ground-source heat pumps are widely used and accepted.
Wo Fu with Earth, ground-source heat pumps are stored solar energy as heat and cold sources, heating refrigeration and air conditioning systems for energy conversion. It works through the source media as heat source of heat pump heating system in the winter and cooling in summer Leng Yuanlai play a role. In the winter, heat from the source media to “draw out”, increase after temperature cycling mediums, for people to heat in summer, out of indoor heat, released into the source media, and by the original store.
Ground source heat pump heating and cooling relative to the other device, and has unparalleled advantages:
1, the use of renewable resources. Ground-source heat pump using the underground is stored solar energy, solar energy is a renewable resource and inexhaustible.
2, environmental benefits. Operation without any pollution of ground-source heat pump unit can be built in a residential area, no burning, no smoke, no waste. Pollutant emissions compared to the air-source heat pump, equivalent to 40% per cent reduction, compared with electric heating, the equivalent of less than 70%. Can improve the community environment, reducing the urban heat island effect.
3, energy efficiency, low running cost. Ground source heat pump by entering a small amount of energy, achieved in shallow layer and heat pump transfers between media. Or shallow layer geothermal resources temperature steady all year round, this temperature characteristics than traditional ground-source heat pump air conditioning system efficiency higher, 40%, so to save energy and save operating costs about 40%.
4, automatic operation and long service life. Mechanical moving parts it is very little, and all the parts are not buried in the ground is installed indoors, to avoid the harsh outdoor climate, its underground parts guarantees that 50 of above-ground can ensure 30, ground source heat pump is maintenance-free air conditioning, saving maintenance costs and make your investment can be recovered in about 3 years.
5, no machines, no noise, and is widely used outside. Ground-source heat pump is installed outside, runs without noise, a machine with: heating in winter and cooling in summer as well as provide hot water all year round.
In the case of world energy generally is getting short, ground-source heat pump of air-conditioning energy saving and environmental protection as one of the most novel products, in various parts of Europe and North America were heavily promoted. China’s Government has begun promoting energy saving and environmentally friendly building products and ground-source heat pumps for energy, China and the United States Department of energy cooperation to introduce excellent products.

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