Applicable Occasion with thermodynamic panel system


The following pictures show you some application occasions with thermodynamic panel system.We recommend the first one-for water cylinder as mainly using occasion. Of course,it can also be used for heat swimming pool,heat floor,heat indoor air,and so on. Smartclima`s heat block has a broad using occasion,if you understand it well. Especially,most of system can be finished by DIY. Smartclima doesn`t suggest how to set up the system but listing the following applicable occasion for you to test.

For heating domestic sanitary water

For water cylinder

For heating small swimming pool

for swimming

For small space floor heating


central-heating-1 central-heating-2 central-heating-3 central-heating-4

For room air heating


For other purpose heating with heat exchanger


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  • mike s

    A homeowner is thinking about putting thermodynamic panel system for domestic use. An average increase of water temperature level every day from 60oF to 120oF is desired for 150 gallons. How big a panel would be required on a clear winter day at 40o latitude if the total effectiveness is 50 %?


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